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  1. How can I temporarily rotate and move the HMD camera by myself in VIU? I wanted to rotate the HMD's camera when an event occurred, so I rotated the ViveCameraRig, but I couldn't get the correct results. I referred to Teleport in Examples. It rotates the x-axis after moving forward, which is not the intended result. I think the cause is the movement of the camera. How can I change the camera transform directly?
  2. I am creating a VR project for Vive Focus with Unity. Run WaveVR Attributes and the following screen will appear. This screen is also displayed when you execute a build. Which manifest file should I modify?
  3. Running in suspended mode. The height is the same before and after teleportation. The height of the ground is about 20 cm The height of the headset is about 180 cm My height is 175 cm. Isn't the correct answer if the height of the ground is 0 cm and the height of the headset is about 160 cm?
  4. In Vive Focus Plus, it is displayed as Wave SDK 3.0.8. Development uses wave_3.1.4.
  5. I'm sorry. I didn't notice the new apk. My height is 175 cm. The figure below is about 180 centimeters while standing. I can't take a screenshot well, but when I bring the controller in front of me, it's 177.72 cm. Is the headset position the eye position? First screenshot: placed on the floor. Second screenshot: With the controller in front of you.
  6. I was a little wrong The controller is floating a little from the beginning But VRorgin is 0 The teleport is a little higher newvr03.apk
  7. It is always slightly higher than the teleport position. The VIU sample is the same. The image above is a teleport sample of VIU.
  8. Sorry for the late reply. On the content side, VROrigin and floor are set to 0 at the start. However, if you teleport, you will be slightly higher.
  9. I use VIU to create Vive Focus Plus content. The VIU teleport moves to a position slightly higher than the cursor position. How can I teleport to the height of the cursor position? The attached image has the Vive Focus Plus controller on the floor. It is in a state of floating about 10cm. Is this a problem with Vive Focus Plus? Or is it a VIU problem? @chengnay
  10. I am using waveSDK2.0.37. WaveVR_Render.cs is the following source. #if UNITY_EDITOR if (! Application.isEditor) #endif { // This command can make sure native's render code are initialized in render thread. qSColorSpace = QualitySettings.activeColorSpace; // InitializeGraphic (synchronizer); // Setup render values uint w = 0, h = 0; Interop.WVR_GetRenderTargetSize (ref w, ref h); sceneWidth = (float) w; sceneHeight = (float) h; projRawL = new float [4] {0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f}; projRawR = new float [4] {0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f}; WVR_RenderProps_t props = new WVR_RenderProps_t (); Interop.WVR_GetRenderProps (ref props); targetFPS = (int) props.refreshRate; OnIpdChanged (null); } I tried rewriting the values of sceneWidth and sceneHeight. Is the place to correct it different? @chengnay @Tony PH Lin
  11. There is no easy way to upgrade. Thank you very much. @Tony PH Lin @Cotta
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