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  1. I use VIU to create Vive Focus Plus content. The VIU teleport moves to a position slightly higher than the cursor position. How can I teleport to the height of the cursor position? The attached image has the Vive Focus Plus controller on the floor. It is in a state of floating about 10cm. Is this a problem with Vive Focus Plus? Or is it a VIU problem? @chengnay
  2. I am using waveSDK2.0.37. WaveVR_Render.cs is the following source. #if UNITY_EDITOR if (! Application.isEditor) #endif { // This command can make sure native's render code are initialized in render thread. qSColorSpace = QualitySettings.activeColorSpace; // InitializeGraphic (synchronizer); // Setup render values uint w = 0, h = 0; Interop.WVR_GetRenderTargetSize (ref w, ref h); sceneWidth = (float) w; sceneHeight = (float) h; projRawL = new float [4] {0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f}; projRawR = new float [4] {0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f}; WVR_RenderProps_t props = new WVR_RenderProps_t (); Interop.WVR_GetRenderProps (ref props); targetFPS = (int) props.refreshRate; OnIpdChanged (null); } I tried rewriting the values of sceneWidth and sceneHeight. Is the place to correct it different? @chengnay
  3. There is no easy way to upgrade. Thank you very much. @Tony PH Lin @Cotta
  4. I am using an older version of unity and waveSDK. unity2017.4.1 waveSDK2.0.37 The old project file was converted to unity2018.4.11. I updated waveSDK2.0.37, but I get some errors. What is the simplest migration procedure? @Tony PH Lin
  5. I'm sorry I was misunderstanding. I changed the source and set the eyebuffer resolution to 80%. However, the same performance as vive focus did not come out. @chengnay
  6. It was confirmed with ScreenBeamMini2, ezcast4k. By setting the WiFi setting of Vive Focus Plus to Taiwan, It turns out that it works with many Miracasts.
  7. Vive Focus Plus WiFI setting changed to Taiwan. It worked with microsoft wireless display adapter. I was able to cast it to the new Windows10pc. Try ezcast 4k and ScreenBeam Mini2 after tomorrow. @Tony PH Lin
  8. Thank you very much I use a VIU camera. I did not use WaveVR_Render.cs. @Tony PH Lin
  9. I use the following SDK in unity for the development of vive focvus plus. WaveSDK2.0.37 Viu 1.10.3 I was looking for a way to vibrate the controller. ViveInput.TriggerHapticVibration When I ran this API, nothing happened. ViveInput.TriggerHapticPulse (HandRole role, ushort intensity = 500) This API worked, but changing the intensity value doesn't change. Is this a specification? Or is it because the sdk version is low? @chengnay
  10. @Tony PH Lin It was not displayed on ezcast 4k. It could not be displayed even on Windows10 pc. galaxy s10 is displayed. The Miracast environment that can be used with vive focus plus is quite limited. I want information on Miracast devices that can be used reliably in Japan. I don't have an environment that can Miracast the vive focus plus.
  11. I found information that it worked on the following devices. Netgear Push2TV Netgear PTV3000 ScreenBeam Mini2 Microsoft wireless display adapter V2. Is there any other device that worked? Use in Japan @Tony PH Lin
  12. Hello. What do you use to Miracast with vive focus plus? I was using ELECOM LDT-MRC02 / C with vive focus, Because of 2.4ghz, it can no longer be used with vive focus plus. Does anyone know a 5gzh Miracast receiver that works alone? Thank you.
  13. Hi Tony Is eyebuffer resolution different from screen resolution? Is it possible to change? Thanks.
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