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  1. I contacted Steam and submitted a post on their support forum. We ran a system report and we were able to trouble shoot the problem from that. I had installed a program called "ALVR". It was getting in the way. Once I uninstalled that program everything worked. Thanks for all your help.
  2. I believe I'm on the public version. There are no problems with the base stations. Do I need to have the link box turned on for this to work? Just so you know my work environment, we have a fairly open office. We also have a Sonos sound system that runs throughout the office. Would this get in the way of the wireless signal?
  3. The HMD is black. I've tried both with the link box on and off. Plugged in and out. Updated my graphics card. Below SteamVR1.1.4 it says Not Ready in red and I get the Compositor is not available error message above. All lights are green on Lower icons and wireless says ready.
  4. I have recently purchased a VIVE PRO with the wireless adapter. I have a 32 g ram, nvidia 1080 card, running windows 10. I've got everything working except I get this compositor is not available error 400. the vive wireless box syncs up and says ready steam recognizes the headset but say NOT READY. Any help would be great.
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