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  1. Hi, Willahondro . I've been to your support and got no results from the assistance. We've went through everything. My Steam VR Home works like a charm, my Viveport was working after trial and error (re-installation of the Viveport) but still the games and apps don't run on the headset. It continously gives an error message that the vive and monitor needs to be on the same video card. It is certianly on the same one otherwise none the the programs Viveport and Steam Home would not work otherwise. And since I live here in NM I won't be able to get physical help to resolve this. Now for addtional information I will state that I had to switch out the HDMI cable that the box provided because its too darn short to reach my computer. So I have a Gigaware HDMI cable that has runned through a lot of games prior and worked soundly. Examples are World of warcraft, World of wartanks, ESO, and as mentioned above the Steam Home and Viveport all work fine with this cable. I understand hardware enough that everything is plugged in the way it should be and your "3 foot" HDMI cable is inadequet. So what else can be done to resolve this?
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