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  1. OK thanks! I hope it goes well. What's the best way to be informed when this and other dev-specific news is released?
  2. Sorry, does that mean you're adding Oculus XR Plugin support within VIU, and VIU will also work with Unity XR Platform then, and since Oculus XR Plugin (IIUC) supports steamvr and WMR, it would mean support for all of these through VIU? Or are you somehow able to change the Oculus XR Plugin to include support for VIU?
  3. Hi. Are there plans to make a Wave plugin for the new Unity XR Platform? If I'm targeting an app for steamvr, oculus, WMR and Wave (Vive Focus), what should I use? VIVE Input Utility (VIU)? Thanks @C.T. @Tony PH Lin @chengnay
  4. I should add - all Vive hardware has updated firmware
  5. Hi, I'm on Windows 10 1709, steamVR 1.1.4 with a 2nd gen Vive, on an alienware 13 R3. Ever since I got my system over a year ago, the audio playback in headset and/or system speakers has been unreliable. Sometimes when I start up a game, there's no audio in the headset. Recently there's sometimes no audio in the computer speakers, or none in both. I've played with the steamVR audio settings, i.e. with setting playback device to 'Speakers (HTC Vive)' and mirroring to system speakers (speakers/headphone (Realtek Audio), doing the opposite, and not setting any mirroring. Each combination works sometimes, and fails at other times. Sometimes there's no audio at all, sometimes only from the assigned playback device, sometimes only from the mirrored device. When the audio is gone, the system audio still works. That is, if I go to the system sound manager and adjust the volume, I hear the Windows ding sound. So it seems like a steamVR problem. Usually stopping and restarting steamVR fixes things. But recently it's been much harder to get audio back after it stops playing, requiring several steamVR restarts or full system reboots (and sometimes I just give up). Any advice? It's more of a problem now because I'm demo'ing a game I'm developing and w/out audio it's a problem! It happens both for my game run in Unity or standalone build, and for other games run using Steam. Thanks Alienware update doesn't show any audio driver updates.
  6. I'm developing for Vive with Unity, and some weeks ago my game started intermittently getting a frozen scene in the HMD that moves with the hmd. i.e the whole scene moves with the HMD (very nauseating!). It lasts a few seconds and then goes back to normal, however the timing in my game is off after that. I went back to a commit from before it started happening, and it's happening with that too. Today it happened with a game through steam as well - Space Pirate Trainer. It happened several times, every 5 minutes or so. I'm monitoring core temp, and it is generally high, 80+ celcius, and when the freeze happens it's up around 90+ but I can't say if that's happening other times too. When the freeze happens, task manager shows the cpu and gpu usage for the game drop to 0. I'm using Unity 2017.2 on windows 10 1709, with steamVR 1.1.4 When this happens and I try to drop into the debugger (visual studio), I get a system call and can't seem to drop into my app anywhere. I can get the name of the system call it drops into the next time this happens and I'm ready for it. Any suggestions off the bat? I can send me info as may be needed. Thanks for any help! -M
  7. Yes that makes sense of course. However I am still wondering what happens if I *do* build my app with an SDK version that is newer that what is installed on the Focus? If the SDK relies on dynamic libs installed on the device, then there could be problems such as different behavior or missing. Or, does my app include only static WaveVR libs from my build?
  8. So if I'm building my app using 2.1.8 and there's some new feature or fix in it, and the Focus has 2.1.0, then I may run into trouble? But that's assuming the SDK uses some dylibs installed on the device. If it's a static build then it shouldn't matter. I don't know per say that the WaveSDK difference is causing a problem, but it stood out as a difference. So are the builds using WaveVR static or dynamic? If dyanmic, shouldn't I upate the SDK on Focus to be safe?
  9. wrote: I'm having the same issue as well. Looking for a solution to loading our own apks through adb. Do you have Android Studio installed (with the adb driver if you're on windows)? If so, start here: https://developer.android.com/studio/run/device Connect your Focus via usb, and you should get a pop-up window asking how you want to connect - choose 'file transer', or similar, but not 'charging' Open a terminal/cmd/bash window and make sure the adb install is in path or cd to its dir. Mine is here: C:\Users\mgsta\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools The main commands I use then are: ‘adb devices’ and should get a device listed ‘adb install <path to apk>’ where path is path to apk file on your dev machine 'adb shell cmd package list packages -3' lists 3rd-party packages like yours After an apk is installed, you have to know its 'activity' to run it: 'adb shell cmd package resolve-activity --brief <package-name>' - list the available activities for your package 'adb shell am start -n <package-name>/<activity-name>' - run the app with given activity e.g. com.htc.bowshot_3DOF/com.htc.vr.unity.WVRUnityVRActivity 'adb shell am force-stop <package>' - stop an app (do NOT include the activity) 'adb uninstall <package>' - uninstall adb quick tips: http://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-Wave-SDK/Focus-Android-Debug-Bridge-Quick-Tips/m-p/12668#M664
  10. Thanks, that makes sense that the WaveVR sdk is needed. They've sent me a project using WaveVR so I'll be trying that soon.
  11. wrote: Hi , Do you mean you see "2.1.0" on Viveport Launcher? SDK 2.1.8 is to provide developer to build your content, it's encouraging but no force to do. All contents should be backward compatible even they have built on earlier version. Any issue do you observe? Thanks. Yes, I see 2.1.0 in the Settings | More Settings | Device Settings window. But if I build with 2.1.8, a newer version, will it necessarily run on the Focus with 2.1.0? Is the SDK somehow forwards-compatible?
  12. Hi Tony. I'm building Unity apps using the Finch SDK for their 6dof Shift controllers. I've figured out how to sideload and run an apk using adb. So that's working now. I'm having other issues but that's probably with the Finch samples - I'm trying to sort it out with them. They don't use the WaveSDK but say their sample apps run for other devs, so that's confusing. How do I get an app installed into the Focus Library, i.e. the launcher from the main UI? Thanks.
  13. I tried installing an apk that was presented as running on Focus by Finch developers. I used 'adb install <apk path>', which came back with 'success', but I can't find it in the Focus main UI library menu item even after a restart. If I run 'adb install' again, it says error - already installed. I've found the app listed on the Focus via the UI under Settings | More Settings | Apps, where I enabled the only permission option, for 'Storage'. But I can't launch it from there, and it's still not showing in the Focus. Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. Yes I can use Edge, thanks. Firefox works even better if anyone else has this issue - edge has some issue with the dropdown in a post that's used to subscribe to a thread. BTW it'd be great to have an option to always subscribe to a thread that one has started or posted to.
  15. https://developer.vive.com/us/ When I use the 'sign in' link in the upper right, it asks for username/pswd, then just reloads the same page with the 'sign in' link still showing in the upper right. Same thing happens several times in a row. When I then use the link near the middle of the page, it brings me to a page that shows me a larger blue 'sign in' button. Clicking that opens up a smaller popup window that then shows nothing.
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