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  1. Hmm very good point. I was running it with a GTX 970 card, and just updated to a 1070. Now that I think about it I dont think I have run it yet with the 1070 card. I guess I can put the 970 back in and see if it works (but I always hate to downgrade drivers)?
  2. Is Dota VR working for anyone right now? If so, please just respond yes. I had it working fine a few weeks back, but now it just crashes as soon as the VR hub screen appears. I completely reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch last night, the Vive Pro drivers, latest nvidia drivers, Steam and Steam VR, and then Dota 2. I was hoping a fresh an new install would fix it....but no luck. Still just crashes on startup. I have tried everything I can think of, so I don't know if its a bug in a current build, of if everyone is having issues? And other VR games are working just fine, its ONLY dota 2 VR (w
  3. When I measure my IPD it's about 54, so I got it done at the eye doctor's last visit. 55.8 (and I'm 45, not 14). I am definitely getting headaches when using the Vive Pro headset, especially once I take it off and go back to looking at a computer screen. Looking at some videos of the internals of the Vive Pro it seems due to the video display size, when the IPD setting is all the way in there is not physically any closer the eyepieces can go. Is there any other solution possible? Is there any type of optical glass that can be made as an insert that shift each eye inwards a few mm?
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