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  1. Hey guys, I'm working on a project where I would like to compare the HTC Vive with the SRWorks library to other AR headsets (the META 2 to be more concrete). With the META 2 it was pretty easy to access the webcam stream with the "holographic view" and do some image processing on it, but with the Vive and SRWorks Unity and the SteamVR instantly crashes when I try to access the webcam as WebCamTexture. I also couldn't find any other elegant way to access the "holographic view" of the Vive as a Texture in Unity. Since I get a stream on Display1 as soon as I start the SRWorks framework, I'm sure there has to be a way to get access to it. Is there anyone who had a similar problem or knows a solution to it?
  2. Hey, Steam VR Plugin v2.0.1 SRWorks v0.8.0.2 Unity 2018.2.17f1 What I realized is, that I only get these errors if I let SteamVR create the SteamVR_Input Assets. But if I don't create SteamVR_Input it seems to work more or less fine (I have some intialization problems from time to time, but no errors regarding the DLLs). In any ways, if I then import the Experience-Unity- package and try to run any of the scenes there, I get a bunge of error that I'm missing stuff in Steam_VR Plugin and Input
  3. : My dlls are configured just like on your screenshot. All the dlls are around.
  4. Guys, facing the same problem on two different Desktop PCs. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help. Btw. is the SRWorks Team actually alive and developing? Terribly hard to find any information on 'em and the download links seem to disappear more and more.
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