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  1. I'm looking to set up 8 different Vive pro wireless adapters for a 24'x24' space for clients. We're using Base Station 2.0s and a LAN networked backend to allow 8 users to share the tracking space, but are having some issues with wireless adapter line of sight when the transmitters are placed 6-7 feet off the ground. I'm hoping to get as many specifications as I can in regards to the transmitter's reliable range, horizontal/vertical FOV, and anything else that could be relevant to ideal transmitter placement for maximum converage and consistent line-of-sight. I'm also inquiring about any further best practices for this type of install. If it's relevant, the install location has 9' ceilings which can be mounted to. Thanks!
  2. I've been using the Unity input bindings to interface with the Vive controls, with great success, for months. Recently, to allow for supporting the Vive trackers, I downloaded SteamVR and the VIVE Input Utility Unity plugin, and now none of the Inputs will register. I'm using the standard Unity input joystick axes. I know very little about these new SteamVR Input bindings and have been avoiding them for consistency. Now, I need to figure out how to bypass the Input bindings, as I can't confirm whether the inputs will be the same on the client's machine. Hasty responses are very much appreciated. Thank you
  3. I'm using a larger tracking space with 6 SteamVR 2.0 lighthouses. (About 3m x 6m) My goal is to perform a Room Setup that accounts for all 6 of the lighthouses. I'm running into the following issue: When I perform room setup, I walk around the room so that all of the lighthouses are recognized. However, as I'm walking, the more distant lighthouses seem to be de-registered by SteamVR. (The icons go grey and then disappear in the SteamVR window). The consequence of this is, when the setup is complete, the areas covered by the de-registered trackers have very poor tracking. I am unable to guarantee that the entire tracked space has good tracking. I'd love insights into the best practices for this situation. Is SteamVR 2.0 capable of doing this? Thanks! ----- Edit: I realize now that SteamVR 2.0 only officially supports 4 base stations at a time. Are there any workarounds, or plans to introduce this functionality in future updates?
  4. Thanks a bunch! It seems that the config files will be the proper approach, however I'm intrigued about the tracked object approach. How would I go about using the same tracker with multiple Vives? Can I just perform the standard tracker setup on multiple machines without issues?
  5. I'm looking to set up multiple Vives, with the machines networked together so that all users can see each other. Additionally, I'm looking to use multiple 2.0 lighthouses to set up a shared tracking space for all of the players. The trouble I'm running into is keeping the tracking spaces synchronized across machines. I want to show the positions of all of the HMDs in the same space, and I want the positions to represent their actual position relative to the user. This would imply all of the lighthouses have the same position and rotation data across machines. Somebody mentioned I could do this in SteamVR by copying the config files for the lighthouses and chaperone, but I'm curious if there's alternative methods, or better practices. Another option I've been considering is to transform one of the spaces so that the lighthouses match up with each other as close as possible, but I feel like this could be janky and inconsistent. I'm not necessarily looking to synchronize the boundaries, just the positions relative to the lighthouses. Thanks!
  6. Sorry if this has been asked before, I'm having trouble contacting a moderator. I have a question about synchronizing tracking spaces, but I'm unable to post in the developer forums. How can I get myself marked as a developer? Thanks!
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