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  1. Hello, I have made some more observations. Usually, the controller shows as tracking before I go into a game. Once I go into a game, it then stops tracking and continues to not track even if I exit the game. Second, I played around with my sensors. I unpowered one of them and set the other one to mode A facing me. I then went through the room scale wizard again and launched beat saber. same issue. I then tried the other lighthouse and opened beatsaber.. This time IT WORKED! Which is really weird. I then closed beat saber and opened Serious SAM 3 VR BFE, the issue occured again and it lost
  2. Hi David, I have tried some more tests on this so please see my updates below. Is it always the same controller - reliably regardless of which "hand" it intializes into? - Appears to be same controller. Even if i unpair and repair the faulty controller only appears on the left hand Do you see any colleration between which basestation you're facing when tracking goes wonky? No,it doesnt seem to matter however I have noticed that quite often the headset goes grey and I lose optimal sync. I tried moving the sensors 5ft away on tripods facing eachother and same issue. Have you tried plugging
  3. Hi David, Thank you for your reply. Now you mention it, I am not certain it is always the same controller. However I will check this out. In regards to base station, No, it happens regardless to which way it is facing or even if directly in the middle. I have tried a different USB port too, There are only 2 on the Alienware laptop and I have tried them both (This was working fine previously however). The camera is also disabled. I will certainly try the unpairing method tonight when home from work however I have completely uninstalled Steam and also tried repairing directly by pressing th
  4. Hi Guys, I have had my HTC VIVE for around 2 months now. I have racked up around 20 hours playing with it. Yesterday when I connected everything up again (It is connected to a Alienware 15 R4 laptop so I put everything away every time), one of the controllers just wont track. Basically, everything shows as connected, but one controller shows as connected but not tracking. If I force the controller to connect, re-pair or even identify itself, it tracks for around 10 seconds and then dies again. I have tried the following: Completely uninstall VIVEPORT Re-install Steam and Steam VR Checke
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