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  1. It's all still a bit of an unknown - we don't know what causes the mic to go mute and not be able to be turned back on again. But we do know that pressing the volume buttons on the Vive Pro LH earpiece can also mute the mic for some strange reason which is a bit worrying - it seems like all the buttons are a bit flaky causing odd behaviour. My best hope when it happens again is that maybe in the depths of the old Control Panel's Microphone properties/recordings/levels there is a mute button that the user may be able to mute/un-mute the VR headset mic without the need to run the trouble shooter as administrator.
  2. No other devices on at least some of the machines that exhibit this behaviour
  3. Hi, We are seeing a weird situation whereby, the headset mic on the vive pro gets muted (we are not sure how) and can't be un-muted by pressing the headset mute button. The only fix seems to be to go to windows sound settings and run the microphone troubleshooter against the vive pro headset mic, which reports that it has sucessfully fixed a muted mic issue. Unfortunately, the Admin password is needed to run the Mic Troubleshooter tool - which I don't want my users to have... Anyone seen this, any ideas what causes it (I don't think it is pressing the mic mute button on the headset accidentally), and how it can be fixed as a non-admin user? Thanks for any help on this. Gary
  4. Hi David, Thanks so much for your help, running with the base stations at the centre point of each side of the square, rather than at the corners has allowed us to place the base stations 9.5m apart on each axis of the square, and then to setup a Chaperone boundary square of 8.5 m on each axis within it which is fully tracked for a single user. I do have a couple of further resulting issues/queries, that perhaps you could advise on? 1. We are using the HTC Vive Wireless adapter and attaching the antenna on a pole about 6 inches below one of the Base Stations (ie on the middle of a side pointing into the play space. We find pretty good signal all the way to the far side of the play space (about 8m) and the display does not drop out. But, we do notice that when there is a lot of detail in view (a complex 2D frame to send?) that the VR visual becomes pretty pixelated. This seems to only occur when you are more than about 5m from the Antenna. I am guessing that this is because the Wireless Adapter must increase the video compression for when the signal strength drops to the headset when it is further away? Are you able to tell me whether this is correct and a bit more about this? Is there anything that can be done to prevent the pixelating at the further distances (settings tweaking etc)? 2. We are seeing a lot of re-projections with the Unity App that we have developed when using this large room space and the Wireless Adapter (not sure if due to room size or wireless adapter?). I am pretty sure that we don’t see this when using 2 Base Stations in a 5m x 5m setup. I don’t understand why we are seeing the reprojections, though, as the advanced timing time slice is showing as about 6ms, so well under the 11ms needed to make 90 frames per sec. Can you explain what might be causing these high reprojection rates – is it the size of the room, wireless adapter performance, room environment (or something else)? Anyway thanks for any advice you can offer. Best Regards Gary
  5. Hi, We are running the latest Steam VR Beta and have ensured that all firmware is up to date. We are trying to setup an 8x8m space with 4 lighthouses (2.0) - one in each corner, with the PC and the Vive Wireless adapter in the middle of one of the sides pointing into the room (Wireless Adapter should be 6m range, but it seems to go just a bit further with a slight drop in quality). We have powered on and connected the Link Box (without a headset connection) so that we can communicate with the Base Stations via Bluetooth, and have run the Base Station Bluetooth auto-detect tool to set the base stations to all be on different channels (1,2, 14 & 15) The Base Stations are all showing white LEDS - so I guess they are syncing OK (do they even need to sync at 2.0 version still)? We can see 4 lighthouses showing green in the Steam VR utility, but when we go to room setup, one of the Base Stations shows in completely the wrong location (almost in the middle of the room whilst the other three are showing about right in the corners). We have power cycled all the hardware and restarted Steam VR and the room setup numerous times but to no avail... When I hover over the Base Station in the Steam VR utility it suggests that the base stations are too far apart - 10m instead of max 5.5m (but how can this be too far if the docs say that 4x Lighthouse 2.0's can do 10m x 10m room, making 14m on the diagonal?) We then tried a 6m x 6m room with just 2 Base Stations and whenever we tried to do the room setup, it would default to a max 4m x 4m play space (green square in the room setup)? What is the deal with running 4x lighthouses and the bigger room areas such as 8m x 8m - what do I need to do to get this to work? Also, out of interest, do the new 2.0 Lighthouses need to "see" each other still to sync and hence is there a max distance apart that they need to be still because of this? Some urgent advice would be gladly received as we have a big demo tomorrow. Regards Gary
  6. Hi Sev, can you share your answer as we are seeing the same issue?
  7. I have a new Vive Pro, wireless and 2.0 tracking system. When the wireless adapter loses sync and then regains it, the HMD and the RHS controller always seem to reconnect to steam VR OK, but the LHS controller does not seem to do so. It shows as flashing green in Steam VR and I have to power cycle it to get it to reconnect to Steam VR again successfully. Why does only one controller suffer this issue and how can I prevent this or fix this?
  8. I agree - we also see lag on home built VR experiences when using a Vive Pro with the Wireless Adapter when we turn up Super Sampling. I was always under the impression that Super Sampling is done on the PC and then downsized before sending to the headset. (ie there is only ever a native sized image sent to the HMD). Why should this be the case?
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