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  1. The Cosmos wireless adapter battery is 21W. I try to use 45W products higher than 21W. Can I use it? this product. https://www.coupang.com/vp/products/229939631?itemId=729182910&vendorItemId=5344810274&q=샤오미&isAddedCart= Thank you.
  2. I'd like to buy a new USB A to A cable with battery and wireless adapter connection, and I'd like to know a compatible cable.
  3. My laptop(MSI GS75) does not have a DP and mini DP connector. I have a USB TYPE-C connector. Can I use a Mini DP to USB type-c cable?
  4. Is there any magnetic parts of the HTC VIVE(HMD) system?
  5. VIVE traker USB Bluetooth dongle is missing. What should I buy?
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