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  1. Hi, I mean it's a well known fact that the transmitter on the HMD gets really hot. And given if you might be in a hotter than average place. Whether it's country or in a apartment that has no ac (and health and safety can't have opening windows either) etc. My current specs shouldn't cause any issues either. I9-9900k Gtx 1080 16gb of ram. (I should probably get more but I don't think that in this situation would cause any issues) And all my VR related stuff are located on a sad.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply. No, I’m not going behind any objects or anything, I could be just sitting in a seat and it would randomly go (with the receiver facing directly to the antennas. I am not sure what the backing out could be at all since I hear of no one else having this but as mentioned with the grey screen and not coming back till restarted the wireless transmitter, I have spoken with others in a VR game and they say they experience it too but recent month it’s much more common than it used to be. As goes for interference it is just normal for a house hold that runs a VR headset, so
  3. Hiya guys, Ok, so I have a couple of concerns and would like to know if there is a fix at all for these. First one is: When the HMD battery runs out or either disconnect the battery, for some reason steam always force switches my recording device on windows as then the HMD is not detected as a device, if I am playing a game such as VRChat that means each time I have to exit the game and go back in. I have spoken to some others and they seem to get it too but have no idea how to fix this and I cant find a trace of this anywhere online. Anyone know a fix for this? Second one is re
  4. I was curious to see if this could have been it before hand since I already knew that but thought nothing of it, they are about 5-10 cm apart each due to my configuration I cannot separate them anymore, I do have on order a load of longer cables since I needed like 10 anyway. I am a little confused since they were fine for a short time then played up, but without making any alterations YET to play around to see what could cause/fix it…. It is out of the blue fine… Again? Could have just been a bad week or something, knowing my luck probably was. Or either the IT company next doors could o
  5. Oh and in addition there has been no additions or changes to any wireless networks within my household so I don’t believe it is that, but will try turning some off and testing that, as well as different connections, directly onto my motherboard as currently they are on a PCI-e card specifically for these trackers, I have enough slots on my motherboard directly but I will also try disconnecting some devices.
  6. No, it is not across all 3 trackers, only 1 specific one, I will try the different dongles to try that too. Yes, it is for VRChat but as mentioned it is this specific tracker in specific locations. Originally I have the 1.0 trackers and they worked perfect but one started to play up a little after getting knocked a little bit when doing drunk vr so that was the point i said I get the 2.0’s in preparation for updating all my VR gear. 2.0’s worked fine for a few days until suddenly this specific one started playing up. To be honest I believe it may be the tracker as I mentioned its this Speci
  7. Im certain spots in my room I have a loss of tracking in only 1 of my trackers, I have swapped out the location of where the trackers are (as in it is used for full body tracking, the one that looses tracking is not attached to my hips as before it was on one of my feet), there are no reflextions, no light to mess up the tracking or even in total darkness. I did not have this issue for the first 3 days or so (or either un noticed some how at first) but then suddely this issue arose. All firmware is up-to-date, and tracker is paired to the dongle, not vive hub which the controllers are
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