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  1. Been asked here a trillion times with no response whatsoever.
  2. After having owned many VR headsets, I have to say that this Motion Compensation from Vive is the worst of that type I have seen. Horrible visual artefacts when switched on, and horrible jerking cockpit dials when moving - not turning - head from left to right dials when off. Please give us access to SteamVR Motion Smoothing very soon.
  3. I guess from the total lack of response, that the answer is that we are stuck with this poor sound and no one can give an answer to my question about equalisers or any workaround or whether Vive are working on this issue.
  4. It really is hard to understand why we pay a lot of money for this kit, and the audio quality is so poor on the High Def devcie. I mean, it should be fixable very easily, as applying an equaliser setting to boost bass works well, except that it can't be applied at bootup as the device is not present until SteamVR is running.
  5. That was my question in the first place! So, basically the answer is that an equaliser cannot be applied to the HD Audio device. I know there are lots of other threads both here and elsewhere re the poor bass performance of that device, but is there any other way to enhance the bass to get it to a normal level? Or, are Vive working on a solution to this very annoying issue?
  6. Thanks David, So, are you saying that there is no way to use an equaliser on the HD Audio device to make up for the total lack of bass on that device?
  7. Ok, so here is my problem. In order to compensate for the poor bass in the Vive Pro NVidia HD Audio device, I like to apply low frequency boost to that device. However, when the Equaliser tries to set the changes to the device on Windows startup, it doesn't find it as the HD Audio device doesn't appear till after SteamVR is started! Any ideas?
  8. Thanks, but I’m really not sure what you are trying to say. Sorry!
  9. I resolved the issue by re-installing the nVidia HDMI drivers.
  10. For some reason that I can't work out, I can no longer get any sound form the Vive PRO High Definition Audio Device. The Multimedia Speakers Audio Device works OK, but when I switch to the HD one, nothing! It worked fine until a couple of days ago. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the vive drivers and software, but no joy. If I load up iTunes with the HD device selecetd it just complains and says there is a fault with my audio playback configuration. Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. Today, I received a reply from Vive tech support - at last. One of their suggestions solved one of my issues, and maybe two, so I’ll monitor the situation for the moment. Thanks for your reply, though.
  12. Just in case anyone else has this issue, the solution for me was to swap the positions of the Display Port cables for the HMD and main monitor. Thanks to HTC tech support for that suggestion.
  13. Several weeks ago, I got a Vive Pro Full Kit recently to replace my Rift, and I had a few issues. I posted here on 2 of these. I have got 1 reply on one which wasn't relevant on these forums, and no reply to the other at all. So, I contacted Vive Support via online chat, and got nowhere as all he said was send it back for repair. I pointed out that I had tried 2 different headsets, and the same issues were occurring. At the end of the chat, the guy said he would check further with tech support (I thought that was what he was!) and email me at the end of the day. Well, inevitably, nothing came through after a week or so. Then, I raised a ticket on the Vive web site. After a week I received no reply. I tried again, but nothing. This is utterly appalling support for such an expensive product. Is this typical, or am I just unlucky?
  14. I just can't get the mute button on my Vive Pro to work, and it's not my headset as I tried another one on my computer and it didn't work either. Any ideas?
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