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  1. Hi, please can you guide me to any documentation on this feature - I'd like to know range of this (I know there will be factors involved) plus have any tests been conducted where you have 3 users with 3 PCs in a single room? Many thanks.
  2. Well, now when I click it, it's working (just done a system update) - can't exactly confirm that was it but all my issues have now vanished! 👍
  3. Hi C.T. - was using L2TP/IPSEC PSK. Must have tried many times in a couple of different locations over 2 days - as I said, only connected once. Just did a system update and it seems to connect every time - not an issue right now.
  4. Thanks @HackPerception, but I made another thread - for me those 3 icons are greyed out:
  5. Have only had it connect once out of many tries. Is this a known issue? Thanks.
  6. Hi All, In the Focus 3 I press the Vive button - menu comes up and the image is above the menu - 3 icons in the top left - all greyed out an unselectable - what's the reason for this? Thanks.
  7. Damn - must look harder next time. https://www.vive.com/us/support/vive-focus/category_howto/using-quick-menu.html
  8. Hi, I'd like to record the setup of VPN from the Focus 3 but it looks like I can't cast until I use the Business Streaming feature and at that point, as far as I can tell, I can't access Settings/Network/VPN. If I can, I'd appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. Many thanks.
  9. That's great - thanks very much for the information!
  10. Hi Everybody, Is there an official number of maximum wireless users in the same area? I have the number 3 in my head for some reason. We have a customer with 4 wireless Vive Pros, 4 PCs and an unlimited number of Lighthouses (v2). Will this work in the same large room? Many thanks, andyvirt
  11. Thanks very much for this and the answer to my other question.
  12. Hi, has there been any change to this? Looking for 10 metres really.
  13. Hi, we set up and tested this yesterday at work with moderate success. If anybody else has done this i would appreciate your input. We used 4 x SteamVR 2.0 basestations. Every now and then individuals did lose connection - i believe this was when a user walked in front of a wireless link box which we had put around chest height. Will placing them at a height of 7 to 8 feet solve this issue? We deliberately walked around, occluded each other etc. This probably isn't going to be our business use. Thoughts, recommendations or pointers to diagrams for best practice welcomed.
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