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  1. Oh wow that's brilliant to know that it's come as almost good news to you guys in a strange way! I honestly have friends to thank, I hadn't considered GPU temperature either until their suggestions helped me come to that as a potential problem. So relieved to find that I didn't have to replace my GPU or my Vive headset! it also feels less of a silly trivial issue now that it's provided you with some insight too. No sense in stressing about it all now! The problem has been resolved and I've had a really great time enjoying my Vive this evening, something I've not been able to do for around a month due to these issues. Can't complain that it was such an easy fix in the end! I found a number of people online while searching who seemed to have similar issues to me, having never found a solution. Maybe this will help provide another avenue of troubleshooting. Doesn't matter how good the hardware is without adequate cooling, I suppose!
  2. Ah thank you for taking the time to try and help - I honestly cannot believe how silly the solution actually was. Gone from GPU temperatures of 97 degrees C and usage of 80% down to 66c and 35% respectively with the exact same use of the Vive and software. Just by adjusting some cable ties! What a mess this was! I'm so glad it's fixed, even if it was something so trivial. Almost two years of flawless gameplay before this! I adore my Vive very much.
  3. SOLVED! Two days of trying to resolve a month long issue by inspecting software and the vive hardware, finally discovered the issue to be a failed cable tie inside my case that caused cables to rest lightly on the GPU fans :catindifferent: Both super angry and super relieved that it was such a simple issue. Can't belive I hadn't opened the case before now...
  4. Hi guys, I'm having some serious issues that mean I can't play my VIVE right now and I would really appreciate some help. A couple of weeks ago I experienced some beat sabre being quite laggy - I'm not a big tech expert so I don't really know much what I'm talking about, but other gamer friends can't seem to help either and I pretty much can't play things right now. I'm going to discuss beat sabre, because I've been using that to explore the issue. When I open the game, everything works fine. I have tried launching from desktop and from steam, as well as opening steam VR before attepmting to open the application. GPU usage of 30%. I've tried opening the settings and monitoring the graph in the bottom left, which stays at around 6 of 11.1 ms (90Hz). After one or two songs, the game suddenly becomes extremely laggy, GPU spikes to 80% usage, 20-25ms on the settings. If I open the steam menu, this spikes to over 100ms. Feels like latency issues, with the screen not catching up with my movements. Very laggy, lots of jittery movements. Makes motion sickness really terrible to deal with. Just today I also played Google Earth and Serious Sam (with my young cousin) and the problems always persisted. I've tried reinstalling steam, steam VR and the app itself. I have rolled back Nvidia drivers and updated them again. All the while I have found absolutely nothing working or even lightening the problem. I've played with the reprojection settings ... and still nothing. After restarts of the game/steamVR/PC etc I'm still finding no differences each time. It came on very suddenly, and happens every time I play on the vive now. It works seamlessly to begin with before becoming a problem. I've had the vive for almost 2 years now, light use for the most part and recently started using it a lot more. Specs are: GPU: Nvidia GeForxe GTX 1060 6GB CPU: i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz 16GB RAM I have Steam installed on a 250GB SSD with over 70GB free I have my games on a 3TB HDD with almost 2TB free If you need to know anything else, please don't hesitate to ask me - I'm so desperate to get this to start working again. :(
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