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  1. Can I install Unity apps on a HTC vive focus without store submission?I want it to appear only in my library?
  2. Hi, I am using my splash screen image in my unity project which is visible in editor,but my splash screen is not visible in my application during play.Can anyone tell me reason behaind this?
  3. Hi, How can I recenter a view in a scene after loading the scene again in HTC Vive Focus.
  4. Thanks I will try it for sure as earlier I thought it could be possible solution but wanted some other solution because I was not confirm about it.Anyways tell me something more if you get to know about Htc Vive Focus.
  5. First of all thanks for your reply. we are testing it in white light environment in conference hall with white walls.And this is happening only when quick movement is there.
  6. Hi, My concern is about HTC Vive Focus.When I turn around in my application position tracking is lost. And when I remove my headset while running my app and again put it on looking in other direction I am not at the same place in my app.Can you please tell me why is it happening? Thanks
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