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  1. Hi Dan, That's a shame, is there still any chance of obtaining it? Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone! Really grateful for the help last time. Referring to the example portal videos, I was wondering how to add raycasts to the Controllers so that the portals would instantiate from there. Also I was wondering how we could make multiple portals without them getting destroyed. And how we could make portals in fixed positions when the game starts. I get that I’m asking a lot, but I’m currently a design student with no coding background. This is also my first time working with VR, and with SRWorks so I am really unfamiliar. Thank you!
  3. Hi Renee, This worked! Thank you!
  4. Hi Dan, Thanks! I got to that in demo 04, but was wondering if there was any way to save the mesh into the scene. Right now I have scanned, saved and loaded the mesh from the Vive controller. But when I stop running the scene from unity, the mesh disappears. I was wondering if there was a way to able to continue editing the mesh data after stopping the scene. (if that makes sense, I am quite new to unity) Thank you!
  5. Hi, I am a beginner to using the Vive, and unity, I have a simple question; I just ran example 04 - static Meshes and was wondering if there was a way to export 3D meshes after scanning them with the vive. Thank you
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