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  1. I really need it to work with 2018.2.20 I can't include the crash files, but I think this is the error igdrclneo64.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module igdrclneo64.dll at 0033:050c0789. I imported Hand Tracking SDK, then the plugin, then the update files, and include the openVR I have another question, Can I use HandSDK together with SRWorks? with the camera seethrough mode.
  2. I tried to run the given sample scene. OpenVR was included, the camera was working fine, already update patch However, when ran using Unity 2018.2.20, Unity showed error when ran using Unity 2017.4.16, Unity crashed and disappeared The problem also occured when include GestureProvider script to other scenes Do you know what might be the problem of this
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