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  1. the Steam VR system says the camera is "not recogonized on the current USB port". I've tried 3 different ports on my PC all USB 3 & USB 2 ports i get the same error. Windows actually sees the camera in device manger as HTC Cam but on the SteamVR settings still getting camera not available error.
  2. any exteranal hardware can we use to get the AREffect on to the HTC VIVE ?
  3. Can the SrWorks work with the HTCVive with external camera? Are they any other way to get the same Ar effect of SRWorks in HTC VIVE with any additional hardware or software. kindly waiting for your reply.
  4. Hi, I have downloaded the latest steam VR plugin from the above link.All the functionalities except the UI Interaction are working.Tried all the Options, but could make the controller work with the UI inside unity. Even donwloaded the vive utils fro the asset store, https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/integration/vive-input-utility-64219. Even the above sdk does not help in interation with the UI Elelements using the Controllers. Kindly help me out in making the Steam VR Work with UI Interaction. I have already posted in SteamVR Community and Unity Community but have not got any reply from the developers. Thank You.
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