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  1. Look into replacing the included 3 in 1 cable between your link box and headset. I had issues with the display on one eye getting static before. Have gone through 2 cables already since I'm pretty rough with it. Gotta say those cables are a gamble on how long they last. Amazon has them in stock. If that doesnt work out for you, return the cable and possibly RMA your headset.
  2. The camera refresh rate being too high is one reason why your headset isn't detected. The other two is either your wireless adapter isn't getting the right amount of power from your battery, which if your stock HTC battery doesn't work its probably the USB A to A cable. Or your mini 3 in 1 cable between the headset and adapter is faulty, which you can test by connecting your long stock 3-1 cable between the headset and adapter. It may look like the cable is intact but theres definitely a few loose ends in the cable after a few active sessions with the Vive. Throw $8 to $10 at a replacement beefy USB 3.0 A to A cable and a decent 20k mah battery that doesn't prematurely shut off because of the overheat protection. Dont go cheap on the battery.
  3. I was having the same issues you were describing. If you're still using the flimsy stock USB 3.0 A to A cable between the adapter and battery, go ahead and replace it. Fixed all my dropouts and studdering that I was having too.
  4. I've been having random studders, dropouts, and complete disconnects which requires me to restart SteamVR. After a while I got really frustrated, seems like there were inherent problems with the wireless adapter. One day I got disconnected from a VRChat session and was stuck in a grey screen. Rebooted my PC and reconnected to the wireless app but received a "Headset not detected" error with SteamVR reporting error (108). Restarting apps did not fix it, and I reinstalled Vive wireless and SteamVR but that did not do it either. I connected my standard 3 in 1 cable between my link box and headset and that was working fine. When I would disconnect the usb cable between the battery and wireless adapter, it would take 3-5 minutes to be able to power it up again. Once both are connected using the USB A to A cable, the light on the adapter would not light up or respond to button presses to wake it up for a few minutes. The power light on the headset would come on for 30 seconds and just shut off along with the display. After doing all my troubleshooting last thing I looked at was the included USB 3.0 A to A cable which is a flimsy POS. I went to Frys, got a replacement cable, plugged the wireless adapter to my battery, it booted up and it connected to Steam VR successfully. My studders and dropouts were gone. HTC why would you skimp on that important piece? For the price we paid we should get a cable that has reinforced ends. Most of the problems that people are encountering is probably because of the cable. Could have saved us and yourselves a ton of troubleshooting headaches if you dropped just a bit more on it. Moral of the story, dont expect anything from HTC and you wont be disappointed. Should have swapped out that flimsy noodle of a cable when I first got the adapter. If this fixes your issues, please post here. Happy Viving!
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