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  1. Hello, My setting is below. -HTC Vive Pro EYE -NVIDIA Titan V -Unity 2018.4. Personal Edition. Currently, No success with Any SDK except Calibration. I tested SRanipal SDK with Unity example, Tobii Pro VR example. Is there any compatibility issue with the Driver? Nothing except already compiled calibration works. If anybody succeed to implement the example to actual Unity project, please let me know the result.
  2. Thank you for your kind and detailed advices. Actually it's OK, since I set up the Windows-based VR station for in case the board and adapter only support Windows OS. What I am curious about is, since Apple show their ambitious interst on VR (and AR) in WWDC, and started to provide 'native' support of Vive Pro, isn't there some ongoing plan or roadmap to provide this wireless VR experience in Apple platform.
  3. Since Apple announced 'plug-and play' support for HTC Vive Pro, I ordered wireless adapter. Will the wireless adapter be supported in Mac OS X (from Mojavi)?
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