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  1. Hello, I can have used once second hand Vive Pro Eye, but the seller do not have an invoice or proof of purchace for it. Or maybe he has one and not want to give it, because maybe it was a company purchase. In case there is a failure during the time covered by the warranty, can I do a RMA for the parts ? I read that technically the manufacturer have a general idea of when the product was sold, by using the serial number of the product, but maybe HTC is more strict about that ...
  2. you really have a poor customer service
  3. Is that issue fixed ? ( don't talk to me about a fan )
  4. What if unplug and replug the power plug that goes to the link box ? What if you reinstall drivers but with the "reset existing configuration" checked ?
  5. My motherboard has only 2.0 pcie and it was working right.
  6. What says the logs temperature at the time you took the pictures ? After how long the headset was running when you took the temperature ?
  7. I am doing the same, unfortunely. Without info about if it's normal or not, fixable by software or not, we have no choice. I have 14 days to return it, after mentionning I wanted to return it, so if I take my time maybe htc can communicate until then ...
  8. He just took the temperatures in Celsius
  9. I created a spread sheet with the temperature values from the logs. We can see that I go up to above 90° https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ymbHMjeIUUtmwvR60UHWkJ3-DdvF6Ey8jyXKyaFUewY/edit?usp=sharing
  10. I am considering returning mine because of heat. I didn't experienced pain but it was feeling uncomfortable and scary, and I stopped, maybe out of paranoia, but that shouldn't happen. I don't understand how HTC could miss such an issue. I don't know if it could be fixed or not by a firmware update. I don't know if the product is defective and could be recalled or not. Since I have 5 days left to return it, I will take no risk and return it. I also have some issues like it seems I need to turn off WiFi and some wireless devices otherwise screen is garbeled and the connection is lost. When it works it works fine though, with no latency and a perfect image, but there is that heat problem ... Also the way it straps to the deluxe audio strap, it breaks comfort. You feel a discontinuity and a bump on the head. It can be avoided by not strapping it, but then it put's you even closer to the heat source. Really I don't get why this issues are there. Some people should be fired ...
  11. advantage of that also would be to have hardware compression done in a breakout box instead of hogging the cpu and the pciexpress bus
  12. I have a i5 4690 and a 1070, and it works fine with a game like Pavlov. I have to try more demending games.
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