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  1. Gtx980ti...i7 7700k 4.2GHz 16 gig..win 10..vive(not pro) Played about 15 games..the only game wont work is beat saber !! My fav. Game of all. From the very second i launch it, its pixelated. The very second. Any fix ?? Was playing arizona sunshine with zero problems. .. battery life is very good. Still 2 out of 4 green charge lights. About 2.5 solid hours of play. Its excellent with no wires. Need a bigger room ! Whats the limites ? 6x6 meters ? Ta. M.
  2. 3 green lights ! The2.4 amp is doing the job nicely. 210am. M.
  3. Just found a 2.4amp charger. Ill give it 1 hour....still at 1 green light... 1:08am. M.
  4. Thank you for flagging. I learnt a lot about chargers tonight !! But a charger should have being shipped. Should not have to google solutions to problems vive knew would come up. Ill order a fast charger v3 2amp on ebay later. And a battery pack with same spec as vive. Also ordered a 1070ti card just now. Vr is not cheap !! My power pack is still on one green bar ( light) after 50 mins on usb 3..and 1 hour on vive power plug. Might get 20 mins play later before sleep ! I know its new tech..but ... M.
  5. 1060 gtx is min. Spec they will say. Im on 980ti got 20 mins play arizona sunshine. Little compressed pixels. But not bad. So maybe its the card ?? Your 970 ? M.
  6. Simple thing but i made this mistake. When swopping the longer cable with the short.. there are 4 connections. Go from power and work back. So power...usb..hdmi.. You shoukd have a spare usb socket. Its a easy mistake to make. M.
  7. After 5 hours today trouble shooting. Told my gtx980ti will not work with vive wireless. I finally got it working. The fault was the short 3 in 1 cable. Just used longer cable and wrapped it up tightly on vive. Finally got 20 miutes of play after charging for 3 hours with original vive plugs. So we have to buy a quick charger ? I was told i cant buy a new cable. So will see what eu support say, whenever they get back to me. All in all a day wasted. Im charging now on usb v3 (blue). See how that goes. Anyone got a solution ? Ta. M.
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