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  1. I was going to say that i have tried to re-run it multiple times and i get the same image each time I run it. Just put a level on the desk and it is definitely centered within the tolerance lines. Very strange
  2. Is there somehting wrong with my headset? Does anyone else not have this issue. I am just running the default sample scene that is included with teh SRWorks plugin.
  3. What would cause the footage from the camers to be tilted liked this? Yes the headset is sitting on a flat surface. LOL
  4. Quick question. I got the sdk installed and running in Unity and was going through the example scenes. Is there a way to display a portal window but also know if there is a real world object obstructing that portal. For example say a bottle sitting on a desk. I would want to show the actual bottle in front of the portal window. Thank you
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