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  1. Yup, exactly. I notice the game booting up and even tracking properly but the headset continues inifinitely loading and I get the error. The SLI is a good point. I had to unplug my SLI bridge to add the vive wireless card in between the two heat-spewing behemoths of a card (comfy :) ) and though I plugged it back in, I did not change any settings when booting up so it's possible SLI mode was reset. I also have the original Vive, maybe I can try to reproduce on that as you said, but for now it's confirmed only on Pro in a dual 1080 Ti.
  2. My monitor has G-Sync and only a Display Port. This isn't really a solution, it's a workaround. I'd be happy to provide logs if it will help debug.
  3. Yeah, I can confirm same issue occurs with wireless adapter on Vive Pro in Subnautica and Brookhaven (that I've tested). Seems like anything that uses the screen buffer is not compatible with the wireless adapter?
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