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  1. I ended up formatting the drive and reinstalling Windows. I was able to install it afterwards. A Windows Reset just wasn't enough.
  2. I tried doing a Windows Reset (told it to delete everything on the drive). Right afterwards, I installed Steam, SteamVR, and then tried ViveWirelessSetup.exe and still ran into the same issue.
  3. When trying to run ViveWirelessSetup.exe, the installer fails at installing Intel WiGig and says "Fail to install Intel WiGig. Please reboot PC and try again." I've rebooted many times, also ran the installer out of C:\Program Files\VIVE Wireless\IntelWiGig\WiGigInstaller_VR_x64.msi. It gets to the end and then encounters an error and rolls back the install. I've also deleted the IntelWiGig folder and re-ran ViveWirelessSetup.exe. I've uninstalled SteamVR and reinstalled it. (Had to do this because DisplayLink wouldn't install initially) Disabled anti-virus (Windows Defender) Closed all r
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