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  1. I wanted to add info that might help. When I launch a game like vrchat, the headset will show it indefinitely loading, the game will act load up on the desktop. Not only that, but the display shows everything working fine, tracking and all, it's just the error is there and the headset gets no information.
  2. this solution did not work at all for me, and the error keeps poping up. Can we reopen this issue?
  3. So i just hooked up the wirless adapter, and everything was running smooth. I tried out beat saber and it works fine. I try out VRChat and I get the message "This application requires the headset and the main monitor be plugged into the same graphics card." This also happens with Sprint Vector. I've tried updating my drivers, verifying i cant change the graphics card via the nvida control panel, messed with launch options, changed conncetion mode on the wirless app, ensured the cables for the old headset were not plugged in, reset my computer after each test to verify things took. I've been to
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