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  1. I was already on that package yesterday. So i got it to work by removing Hand scripts from my controllers and just leaving the SteamVRRenderModel script. Also had to delete old bindings and let it generate from examples. Luckily I don't have a lot of actions so it didn't matter. Thanks! @chengnay
  2. Thanks for the update! Where can I get the binding_vive_cosmos.json file from? The Vive cosmos get started guide package has legacy bindings for controllers. Is there a guide on hooking up the cosmos controllers to existing steamvr projects? I can't seem to find any documentation on that. I just imported the latest steam release and it generated an application generated controller json after saving bindings from the bindings tool. @Jad @Dario @Corvus @Caesar T
  3. I'm updating my existing steam VR project to the latest Steam VR package (2.3). The vive controllers and steam knuckles are working with new bindings. However there is no documentation for Vive Cosmos support for existing steam vr projects except for this one thread. https://forum.vive.com/forums/topic/6069-cosmos-controller-models/?ct=1570476740I have imported the cosmos models and created prefabs with them. How do I hook this up to my camera rig? My current set up uses a Controller(left) and Controller(right) objects under Camera and SteamVRRenderModel child objects which updates the controller models for vive and knuckles.Any help will be appreciated. @Caesar T
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