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  1. Ok thank you When do you think ROM 3.0.2 will be rolled out to the consumer headsets?
  2. Thank you Tony for the clarification. I bought it in Honk Kong through Amazon last year because it was out of stock in Europe and I needed it asap. Is there a way to get the developer ROM? If not, does it mean I should keep developing using the old SDK?
  3. Hi, I'm a bit confused between the Vive Wave SDK found at: https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/wave-sdk/ (Current Version 3.0.2) and the WAVE SDK Version found on my Focus/Settings/About Device (Version 2.1.8) Is the latter supposed to be 2.1.8 or should it be 3.0.2? I tried updating the system but I get no new updates. Build number: 1.69.1405.3 9.0_g CL 1057469 release_keys System Version 5.0 Kernel version: 4.4.63-perf-gb1bf583 Many thanks, Luigi
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