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  1. Hey, and thanks again I will give it a try, only at night to be sure. Hope it will work. If anyone out there have tryed outdoor setups, please let me know. Have a nice day Tro
  2. Hey David, and thanks. Great service :-) Just to be absolutely sure. Is it correct, that it is only DIRECT sunlight, that can damage the equipment ? I mean…will it be ok to play, if its bright, but not direct sunlight ? Basestations, hmd, wireless linkbox. Is it correct, that all 3 items will be damaged in direct sunlight ? If yes. This setup will work for me. What will the max distance from the wireless linkbox to basestation number 2 be ? Follow this link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vlkb6lbm8hip81/Vive%20setup%201.pdf?dl=0 Finaly….Is it true, that when playing inside, “direct” sunlight through a window is not a problem ? Thanks for your support Tor
  3. Hello. I'm will soon be the lucky owner og vive pro + wireless. But I have a limited play area and therefore I want to play outdoors sometimes. A few questions below A googling shows that the sensors can be destroyed if exposed to direct sunlight. Is that correct ? If yes. Are we talking about the base-stations, the HMD or the wireless “camera” ? Do you have some experience to share, about outdoor setups ? And a few other questions I have to change playarea once in a while. Do I have to setup the play-area every time I change playarea, even if the basestations and the wireless “camera” is places exactly the same place ? (can I save multiples playarea-setups ?) Just to be sure. Does the HMD and the controllers, communicate with the basestations, and the base stations to the wireless “camera” ? If yes…We now that the max range of the wireless "camera" is 6 meter. Does this mean, that you have to place the wireless "camera" in excat one playarea-corner, and the basestations in the other playareacornes if I want a playarea 6x6 meter ? If yes, is it correct, that my playareal will be smaller, if I want a little security distance from my playareal to the basestations and the wireless camera ? If yes, this means that my playarea will only be 4x4 meter, if I want 1 meters security distance….Is that right ? Thanks Tor
  4. Thanks David. I will keep hoping you can beat the challenge one day :-) Over and out:smileyhappy:
  5. Thanks David. It gives a great overview. But I am surprised, that HTC have not solved the challenge (extension, so that the game area is a bit away from the computer). It's a little clumsy to detach and drag the computer around :-) I hope that a solution will be coming soon. Because I cant use this system before it is possible. Just to finish off. What are the 3-cabel for (HDMI, USB, ..) ? Do you also have a picture of alle the components of the main box (hmd + base stations, etc.) Is there a chance, that you in the future, can test the system with extension-solutions ? Thanks :-) Tor
  6. Hey - again, and thanks for your answer. Just to be sure.....Is the HMD-transceiver connected to tie PCI-E card ? Is there absolutely no solution if you want the computer located in another room than the play area? What about long coax, usb, hdmi cables? (displayport-kabels ?) IF it WILL work with extension-kabels, do you know the max lenght of cabels for the system to work ? Thanks
  7. Hi, and thanks for your answer. I cant understand that this is not possible ? :-) When using the wireless option.....Is the cabling, the same ? I mean...from the computer, there is a hdmi/displayport/audi, to the transceiver. And the transceiver has to be in the play area ? Is that right ? If yes...What about long cabels from the transceiver to the computer ? I can se, that you can get lonng displayport cabels (15 m) with build ind booster, with no signal loss...? How do you connect the wireless "thing" to the system ? Via a receiver connected to the transceiver ? Do you have a grafic chart or something, that gives af overview, of how to connect alle cables ? That will give me an overview. Thanks Tor
  8. I hope to have a vive pro + wireless adapter soon. How can I connect the system to my computer, if the computer is in another roome, 12-14 meters away ? Can it be done at all? Thanks
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