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  1. that was actually not my post... What I said is that when I got it to work, which has been just two times, it did not work right away and that what I did was to first rise the volume to the max and then hold both "volume down" buttons at the same time. Not sure if this is actually doing anything.
  2. I have managed to do it twice but it never worked out the first time. I do not know if this actually was the right thing, but all the times that I got it to work (2) I first raised the volume to the max and then started pressing both lowering sound buttons at the same time.
  3. I got it working but it took me a while. First I tried this a couple of times but did not work and the controller was still blinking each time I clicked the volume button. I restarted it by taking the battery off and put it back on. Then I pressed both volume down buttons for at least 20" or more. There is a blink in the UI but you should still hold the buttons after seeing the blink. Then they paired correctly.
  4. Are there any news on this? I have also tried to publish a beta for the Focus and it looks like there is still no option for this.
  5. I am working in a company with the same business plan and contacted HTC for a year straight with this issue and did not get any clues on how and when such a feature would be accessible. Please let me know if you know anything about this.
  6. That was actually our procedure. We do have a simplified project with just the updating functionality. I can give you access to the Google Drive folder if you would like to. That system works perfectly in a tablet but not on the Focus. I assume we are not the first one to try an update system on a Vive Focus, are we?
  7. We have not found any solution for now. Does anyone else have a B2B model and is going to distribute outside of Viveport? If yes, how are you planing the update sytem?
  8. Thanks for your answer. Indeed it is a permission issue but we can not or do not know a way around it. As I said we do have an update system and our product runs in a tablet and also in the Focus. In the tablet when the updated version is going to be installed a permission window pops up and the user has to tab to allow the system to install that new version of the app. Now, in VR the same happens, but that permission window does not have an UI in VR and this is why it crashes. We have taken our time to look for a way to disable this permission window and also to grant all permissions to avoid it from showing up, but we have nos succeeded in this. I have not posted any screenshots because there is nothing to show. Just a slider showing the download progress and a black screen when it installs and then it crashes but still stays black... Take into account that we are NOT using Viveport for updating our apps. These are downloaded directly from our server.
  9. Hi, we are developing an app for the Vive Focus that does not run through the Viveport store. We are now working on the app updating system that when the installed app is no more the last version, it downloads a new one from our server, deletes the current one and installs the greater version. We got to a point where the update system does work on a regular Android device, but a permission screen pops up. Oviously on a tablet you can just tab to grant permission for that action, but on the Focus it looks like that screen has no VR UI and the app crashes when trying to reinstall the new version that is downloaded from the server. Has anyone experienced this or know a solution?
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