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  1. When looking for games to play in Viveport, the videos run so slowly that it's not worth the time. I have a subscription and would like to add on of the 5 games but it's impossible to know what games to try if the videos to the games load so slowly. It seems like the first video i try to watch will load up the first second and then slow down to about 1 second a minute. But if i try to watch more then one, they all load to slowly to even watch one second.
  2. I was sent and email saying -"Restart your Viveport Subscription, on us We’d love to re-introduce you"- While i already redeemed the first one you sent to me 3-4 months ago, i wanted to see whats changed since then, but when i went to redeem it, it says the code was already used. I sent techsupport an email, and they replied that it was only for the first time i used it. But why would they use the word "RESTART" if it was only a one shot deal?
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