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  1. I'm blown away just reading this.. I had issues with customer support a month ago and it appears no forward progress has been made. Very disappointing, I don't plan on sending anything to HTC or buying another HTC product after reading your story. Seems converting to Oculus is the way to go.
  2. I'm surprised they didn't say something like "warranty voided, oxide marks found".. That's happened to people in the past where if you send in your HMD and they find signs of sweat they simply void the warranty and make you pay big $$$ to have it repair or pay to get it back unrepaired.. *sigh* Glad to hear it sounds like your issue is being resolved though, do update me on this. I'm curious to see the end result.
  3. As I've stated previously in many forum posts, I wish HTC would focus more on improving the problems with their current products instead of using their time and resources trying to shovel out new products. Base stations dying with firmware updates, trackpad button quits working, sweat killing HMDs, 3-1 cables having short life spans... We paid top $ for this product so I wish this money would be put into fixing these sorts of issues.
  4. I've heard the only resolution is to get it RMA'd, a problem with updating the firmware or something I'm afraid. I'm avoiding updating mine at all for the sake of keeping them alive. PM and he should be able to help you out.
  5. That would be such a smart and evil plan lmao. Jokes aside, if you contact somebody here you just might be able to get an order in, the customer support on this site is better here than on Vive.com
  6. Wow.. Another reason to be skepical about sending any of my hardware in for repair in the near future I guess.. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Hi, Thank you for taking the time to write out that response. There was no point in time where there was an obvious attempt to silence me. I should have been more specific in saying it's just how it felt at the time since the problem persisted for 2 weeks and was resolved the moment I went more public with the matter. I am not dissatisfied with the support I recieved here, I'm actually very pleased. My dissatisfaction only comes from the official vive website support team. I apologize if you took offense to that as I did not mean for it to seem like a direct attack to you or any of the members on the support team. The only reason I'm continuing to make posts about this even after my own issue was resolved is because I want to see improvement in HTC's customer support, not only for my own benefit but for everybody else who has paid top dollar and put their faith in HTC. The reason I asked about the sweat portion of the warranty is because I've been made aware recently that the original warranty protected the HMD from this kind of damage, but has been changed. Does sweating while playing VR not account for "Normal Use Conditions"? I guess from a consumer point of view seeing this protection removed completely was disappointing, as I can't think of any reason HTC would other than to save a few bucks. As for the touchpad issue, My biggest concern is with sending anything to HTC for repair only to be billed regardless if I request the item to be repaired or not. I was under the assumption that warranty meant the company would take responsibility for any technical issues during the warranty period. I've also heard enough stories about devices being lost/taking weeks and even months to get back/getting back unrepaired/ect. This has made me skeptical about sending anything for repair, as anyone else would likely be. The main point I was trying to get across there however was me asking if HTC is aware that they are defective the moment they are made in a sense that the glue used to hold the rubber disk in place is not strong enough. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. I know this is a post about negative issues, but I'd like to keep it as positive as possible.
  8. Not gonna lie, I've never heard of the vive PRE and assumed it was a typo, my bad for giving you bad info! :smileytongue:
  9. I apologize if it sounded like I was getting off subject, I was more referring to the string of people in the community recently who have been having these types of problems. I'll send you a PM.
  10. Hello everyone! I'm creating this post as a means to hopefully compile some of the forum posts that have been showing up recently about HTC's customer support.. As well as to strike up some discussion between consumers and staff. I said I would do a follow up post on my previous interaction with HTC customer support ( https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/My-Experience-with-HTC-Customer-Support/m-p/22418?__woopraid=pv7laUpFLVRo ) so here it is. As of right now, the nightmare that I had to endure with HTC's customer support is over. Yesterday I received my new replacement 3-1 cable. However, the means I had to go about finally getting support is upsetting to me. I spent over 2 weeks on the official vive.com website trying to get support to no avail. It was only after making a forum post about my awful experience that my problem was finally remedied by the wonderful staff here on viveport. However, why did I have to come here to get my problem remedied? This is not HTC's official customer support page, so why was I helped over here better than on the official site? My main concern, however, is that my problem was not remedied because HTC cares about their customers, but rather because they did not want me to continue to tarnish their reputation by telling my story on multiple websites that sell HTC products.. Kind of like a "hush money" type situation.. I don't know, what do you guys think? Anyways, I'm no longer tied up by my own situation anymore, but rather other people's situations who have also purchased the vive and are experiencing early hardware issues. Here are a few examples of them in the last week or so: https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/Sweat-damage-voided-warranty-rant-and-questions/m-p/22307#M8261 https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/HTC-are-claiming-I-have-broken-my-Vive/m-p/22603#M8423 https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/HTC-Vive-out-of-warranty-due-to-sweat-damage/m-p/21769#M8081 https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/Headset-further-damaged-by-repair/m-p/22696#M8459 There's a few questions that I have for HTC that I will just post here. These were originally written in an email that has gone unanswered for quite some time. I'm sure if you're a consumer who is reading this that one of your problems are adressed somewhere in here: 1. Does HTC Plan on notifying customers in their warranty that accessories are 1 time replacements? This was my biggest issue with this problem personally as I, and many other customers of HTC, were not aware of this even after reading the warranty. 2. This question is completely different from my issue but a worry for me in the future. How come HTC changed their warranty to no longer protect from sweat? I discovered in previous versions of the warranty it did protect it but now it doesn’t no longer. 3. In regards the previous question, is it legal to void a warranty for being used under normal use conditions? I mean, it’s virtual reality, and no matter how much you take care of it, sweating in vr is, for the most part, unavoidable. According to some things I’ve heard, HTC is not above the law and normal use condition laws are pretty lenient towards customers in cases such as these. 4. Is there any plans to make a new 3-1 cable that’s stronger? My first one died after only 3 months of use and the second one I believe was defective, so I’m curious if you have any plans on making the cables with different, stronger cords. Ex. Rope-like charge cords from 3rd parties for apple devices. 5. I am one of the many people who had a touch-pad defect less than a month after receiving my vive. I’ve repaired it myself because I had heard stories about the RMA department and I figured it would be much easier to self repair – which it was. The defect with the touchpad is that the glue used for the rubber disc seems weak and extremely cheap. Is HTC aware that this is the issue and do they plan on fixing it for new controllers? --- What do you guys think? Should HTC make their primary focus on customer support and hardware improvement rather than trying to create and market new items when there are serious defects in the current ones?
  11. I appreciate the fact that you understand that the vive does come with a few defects and aren't perfect. However, what I cannot agree with is the customer support on the official Vive website. Not trying to take a stab at you personally or anything, just trying to start up a discussion about it. Maybe I'll make a forum post about it and see where it goes. The issue I am having is the fact that i've read multiple stories in such a short period of time about people having trouble with customer support, myself included. My problem has now been remedied, but only through creating a forum post on this site was that able to happen, which is something I cannot agree with. It really just felt like "hush money" rather than HTC genuinely caring about the misunderstanding I went through with customer support and the lack of information given to us consumers..
  12. That is unacceptable. I've heard way too many stories about terrible HTC customer support in the last week alone. Something needs to be done ASAP. Ridiculous.
  13. The reputation of HTC's Customer Service is beyond rectifiable. I've read way too many horror stories about them from the last 2 years but to make it worse, these common problems still persist to this very day. Even I had to get my story out there before something would be done for me support-wise. I plan on following up with some details regarding my own story with customer support in the near future..
  14. This is getting all too common.. I've now spoke with 3 people in the last 7 days about troubles with customer support.. HTC really needs to get their customer support together if they want to continue as a successful business or people will catch on and give up on HTC. Cheap components are all too familiar as well, such as the touchpad button in the vive controllers and sweat damaging the HMD. HTC needs to spend more time improving their current products than working on new things. I understand they want to move forward but abandoning current defects in products they are still selling is ridiculous.. If you speak with , he may be able to help you out. I'd say the customer support on this website is even better than on their official customer support page, but that would be implying customer support even exists over there.. HTC is doing great things and I love their product, but please, please, please make customer support a higher priority, if not the highest. EDIT: I should also point out that, in regards to your "DO NOT SEND OFF YOUR VIVE TO HTC!" comment, I couldn't agree more. I've read too many nightmares that other people have had with HTC's RMA department when it comes to repairs.. I don't care what happens to my Vive, I'm better off somehow fixing it myself than sending it off to HTC.
  15. No kidding, you should see my post about my new 3-1 cable dying in 2 weeks with under 20 hours of usage..
  16. I've heard somewhere that it will be, but you have to pay for the adapter kit which is like another $60 or something.. Look into that to make 100% sure though as I'm not certain.
  17. As for the random blacking out, the problem is most definitely the 3-1 cable, as I've had it happen to my first one in the past. As long as your vive is still under warranty and you have not previously RMA'd your original 3-1 cable, you should be able to get a new one without trouble.
  18. I'd also like to point out that while this is a pretty negative post, I intend it to act as constructive criticism. Constructive in a sense that if people are made aware of the problems I am facing with HTC, then HTC will have to restrategize their customer support/warranty policies due to loss of sales from potential buyers who were informed of these practices; even if that means taking this forum to each and every site that sells the Vive.
  19. Fair enough, I suppose. Didn't plan on it, but thanks for thought.
  20. Why do you have to PM me just to tell me to contact you at [removed]? Why not make this email public to everyone so that other people's issues can also be addressed equally? There's a ton of people out there who deserve some support as well..
  21. I recommend you check out my post here: https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/My-Experience-with-HTC-Customer-Support/m-p/22418#M8313 , as well as watch this video: Whatever you do, absolutely do not pay them a dime. Your HTC Vive is under warranty and was used under "Normal Use Conditions," as the warranty states. The vive warranty once did cover sweat damage, but they removed that to save a couple bucks and screw their customers over. Do not accept no as an answer from them, this kind of support is not okay.
  22. It might be your 3-1 cable. You can troubleshoot it with this: Those cables are the small ones that go from your pc to link box. Try this and see if the problem persists. If it is the 3-1 cable you can get it RMA'd, but only once. That's something they don't tell you in your warranty, which I've already contacted the consumer protection agency about. Also, good luck with customer support... Here's my experience with them: https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/My-Experience-with-HTC-Customer-Support/m-p/2241...
  23. Please, do what I am doing. Post this on as many sites that sell the vive as you possibly can. Let the world know that HTC does not care for their customers and that, if any form of serious problem arises, you are completely on your own. I'm talking amazon, walmart, ebay, anything that sells the HTC Vive. Get people's attention, because all they care about is the money, and the only way to make them care about their customers is to hit them where it hurts. Maybe then they'll do something about the people like us.
  24. That's absurd. I cannot believe a company that charges such high prices for their products would have such terrible support. The original warranty did in fact cover sweat damages, but was recently changed. Why? Because they don't care about the customers, only the money! If your HTC Vive is under warranty and is used under the "Normal Use Conditions" as stated in their warranty, irregardless of how it broke, it should be repaired as it is under the warranty. What does warranty mean to HTC? To them it seems to mean "optional repair." They'll do it if they feel like it, and if it costs them more than a dime, they won't do it. Terrible support, I've already posted this forum onto a few places that sell the Vive and plan to cover all of them (amazon, walmart, ebay, ect.) This is straight up robbery. If the Vive is under 2 year warranty, it should function for 2 years no matter what if it has been used under normal use conditions. The funniest part is half of their warranty (not exaggerating, literally half) talks about how "you can't sue us." Like jeez, Once they have your money you're garbage to them as a customer. At least, that's my (and most of the forums I've read about customer support's) opinion.
  25. Last post was marked as spam so here it is again: Fair warning, this is quite a long story. So it all started about a month ago when my 3-1 cable started acting up. Every once and awhile the screen on the HMD would flicker on and off for about 3 seconds. I was worried that it was the HMD that was causing these problems so I contacted customer support. Through some troubleshooting, we found the problem to be the 3-1 cable. I was relieved to find that my HMD was not failing after only 3 months of use. She spoke with the RMA team about shipping a new cable and the request was confirmed. Great, I thought. Then, this was the following question I had and response I recieved (Direct quotes from HTC Transcript) Ana S.: Thank you, I will send you the terms and conditions and let me know if you agree. Ana S.: File Sent - Vive Accessory Disclosure-Fulfillment.pdf You: My only question is if the new cable is also under my current warranty, a new one, or no warranty at all? Ana S.: Oh! It is under your current warranty. You: Alright awesome! I agree to the terms and conditions As you can see here, I asked about the new cable. The reply I recieved is that it is under my current warranty. "Wonderful," I thought. HTC got a 10/10 on that interaction. Fast forward 2 weeks later. Strangely enough, after installing my new replacement 3-1 cable and less than 2 weeks of some very light usage of the Vive, I begin to notice that the HMD is flickering these green lines and showing green dots all over the screen. I run a few troubleshooting options that I remembered from the previous interaction and found that the new replacement cable that I had received was causing the problem! "Maybe I got a bad cable," I thought to myself. So I contacted customer support again. I was not worried because, as I stated earlier, Ana had told me that this new cable was under my current warranty still. Also, I had hardly used it and every time I did, it was under the warranty's "Normal Use Conditions." However, upon speaking to another customer support representative, I was told that the request to RMA it was denied due to this "one replacement only" policy. I immediately went and studied HTC's warranty policy, and found there was nothing that stated this cable could only be replaced once. I asked if I could speak to a representative from the RMA department, but of course that was denied because they don't speak to their customers. I then asked if he showed the RMA department the transcript between Ana and I where she stated my new cable was under warranty, but he said they still denied it. Keep in mind, my new cable arrived August 1st and this conversation was August 16th, so this replacement cable only lasted about two weeks. I asked if he made that aware to the RMA department, and he said they know all the details and have denied the request. So a couple days later I opened the chat again, requesting a new 3-1 cable. The gentleman I spoke to was very helpful and seemed to be the only person I've spoken to in the last 2 weeks that genuinely cared about customer satisfaction. He brought up the option of sending the request to a higher up team, which I agreed to. He said he would email me back with the answer from them an hour from then. We closed the chat and I patiently waited for the reply. Once it came in, he said it was denied - once again. I - once again - asked if he showed them the details such as the promise that my new cable was under warranty, that it was only two weeks, and that nowhere in the warranty did it state anything about a 1 time replacement. In the end, it was, once again, unresolved. Open chat #4. This one was pretty brief. I simply asked to get a call from the team higher up so that I could speak to them myself on the matter. They said they would call within the next 1-2 business days, but called me while I was at work so it took about 5 days and multiple requests for me to finally get in contact with someone higher up. Of course, once I got in contact on the phone with a representative of HTC, they told me the same exact thing. "One time replacement only" that is nowhere to be found on the warranty. I spoke to him saying that HTC's customer support representative specifically told me that my new cable would be under my current warranty. I said that I understand if people make mistakes, but cannot believe HTC won't take responsibility for these mistakes, but instead screw their customers over because of a hidden "one time replacement" policy. So again, this got nowhere. But I did not falter here. I opened another customer support chat and, to my surprise, recieved the original person I spoke to who told me the new cable is under my current warranty. Of course, she denied saying this until I sent her the transcript of our first conversation. Then, she attempted once more to get it RMA'd, saying she'd see if they could make an "exception". However, I'm sure you can guess what happened next. This third request was also denied. This has been my two week struggle with HTC's customer support. They do not allow us to get in contact with their RMA department and have very shady hidden replacement policies that are not shown on their warranty. I plan on spreading this news to the reviews of many sites that sell HTC products to ensure that other people should think twice before buying a Vive. So now I have these two base stations set up in my college dorm with the Vive tucked away in a box underneath my desk. I was really looking forward to having Virtual Reality set up in my dorms, but it appears I made the fatal wrong choice 3 months ago when deciding between HTC and Oculus. tl;dr: The Vive's warranty doesn't mean anything to HTC, refused to replace 3-1 cable after 2 weeks of normal use conditions despite customer support saying they would.
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