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  1. @Cg, can you please also let us know the email you wrote in to support with? Because I cannot find any message on support end from your email listed in the forum. PS. Echoing Ken's comment.
  2. Hi Musk! I'm Albert with developer support for Content Operations! Thank you for your patience and I am sorry about your encounter. I can help you overcome this and to get started I will need your Account ID--can you please private message me it? And an email I can reach you at as well, please. It is under the settings tab, top side, in your developer console. Please note to be logged in the account that you are submitting with. Thank you! @musk
  3. Poe, At your earliest convenince can you please let me your account id number? It is under the settings tab, top side, in your developer console. And - or app ID.
  4. Hi Team! I’m with developer support and as of today, unfortunately, we do not have this feature yet. I’m highly optimistic our team will bring this to fruition soon! Thank you for your patience in this and we look forward to having your titles on Viveport.
  5. Hi / Jason! Double checking, did you get a chance to check your Gmail? I have all of us CC-ed in there and with Yaking's most recent suggestion.
  6. Hi / Jason! I apologize for the delay in response, as previously mentioned in our email conversation, we had a short work week due to a national holiday and, as promised, this past Monday morning I did queue up your case with additional team members--I apologize for not responding to you and keeping you posted. We did not forget about you! I hope you don't mind, as David mentioned it would be better to switch this to Zendesk or email, and as such i will resume this conversation there : )
  7. Hi Leoinu, I apologize, but for some reason my message to you yesterday has been lost! My response was to this message of yours from yesterday: "Either a refund or the game is actually updated to current version to mirror steam. Loved Brookhaven and now that I got my own Vive I’d love to have it in my library." My lost reply from yesterday was this: Leoinu, thank you for your patience and explanation in this. I will contact the developer and work with them on this. I will bookmark this thread and update you when we deliver. In the meantime, because I don't want to leave you in limbo, I have notified my colleagues about processing your refund. Hi Leoinus, as of this morning, your refund process has been completed! Super appreciate you taking the time to post and making VIVEPORT better for everyone : ) If there is anything else you would like to share or have feedback on please let us know! Cheers, Albert
  8. Hi Dom, Albert here with Content Operations! I'm sorry about your experience, but perhaps if you can take a second look you will see that in the game description the game is up to date and matches Steam. Perhaps the version numbers are different but both on our listings and in our internal backend, the game has been updated by the developer and us. What's New 26-Oct-16 Update -updated Chinese localization -changed the color of the 'blood' from red to green 18-Jul-16 Update Fixes and additions include: - Added quick switching between gun/throwable and flashlight/knife by pressing thumbpad - Holding down the thumbpad will bring up the menu - In-game menu icon is hidden unless controller is close to the HMD or thumbpad is pressed. When visible, it’s smaller and less bright now - Newly unlocked guns now start with some ammo so they can be used right away - Fixed collision issues on bullets and some objects - Lighting adjustments in some levels - Fixes to flashlight battery issues - Fix to ammo resetting when replaying first level - Added ‘Quit Game’ option to main menu Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it is great that we can always check for content parity. Please know that we routinely also check our content and keep open communications with our developers to make sure our users receive the latest : ) Dom, please let us know if there any other way we can help you.
  9. Hi Gabriel Iriarte, I'm with VIVEPORT's Content Operations team and we just finshed testing VR TRIVIA BATTLE and it works for us on two different computer rigs. I'm sorry you are experiencing this but please do know that each title that is published on VIVEPORT goes through our review and testing time for quality assurance and playability : ) I will allow David to take over and troubleshoot with you. I wish you the best. Cheers, Albert
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