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  1. Don't feel bad; it's not just you. I got to this thread by Googling because I did the exact same thing :) Thanks for clearing it up.
  2. Ahh, OK. I'll just keep an eye on the store then. Thanks for the terminology clarification too.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Does Viveport use a special port aside from the regular Steam ones? I already have opened TCP/UDP 27015-27036 and UDP 3478, 4379-4380. Nevermind. I did nothing, but now it suddenly works. *shrug*
  4. Hi. I upgraded to the Vive Pro a few days ago. After some hiccups with the sound, I finally have it running great. Now I want to get the lighthouse 2.0 units. In retrospect, I probably should have just bought the bundle so I could get it all but I originally figured hey, if it works with LH1 I'll save money. Then I read somewhere LH2 can do four units and track a 30' x 30' area. That's awesome! No more grey screen when some idiot wanders into my room scale and occludes the LH. I also love the large range; I am excitedly looking forward to ordering the wireless module Monday then renting a venue where I can setup such a large space. However, for all I search I cannot find anyone selling LH2 parts. Is it not available yet for individual purchase? If so, any idea when it may be coming? Thanks!
  5. Well, the problem with the sound was fixed by unplugging and reconnecting the USB cable from the linkbox. That said... now I have a new annoyance. I just can't win with the audio on this thing. Now I can fix the terrible sound, but sometimes I fire up SteamVR and I notice I don't hear birds chirping in Steam Home. I fire up a game, and no audio. I lift the HMD and check the Windows sound control panel, nothing is muted. If I close SteamVR, unplug USB, plug back in, restart SteamVR the sound is back. WHY is this being such a pain?? Spending another $800 on top of the initial $900 hurt enough, but to have the newer supposedly better unit be so annoyingly defective when it comes to audio is very disappointing.
  6. Hi. I recently tried to use the Viveport VR program. I've used Viveport games for quite some time, but never realized the app itself had a VR world type thing. Looked cool from what I could see at the initial load, but it told me to go on my desktop and log in there. So I click the button in VR and remove the HMD. On the desktop, it has a grey Viveport window open but it just shows the three dot loading animation... forever. I let it go for many minutes, hoping something would magically happen, but nada: What do I need to do to make this work? Thanks!
  7. Well, I guess I should've waited to post until I did the nuke and pave. After a complete uninstall of SteamVR / Steam followed by a reboot followed by reinstalling everything, sound is correct now :) SHOOT. It was fine all night and find today. Then I heard Skype ringing and I went to the desk to get my headset. Walking away with visor on, I tripped on the headset cable and yanked the cable out (headset cable) and BAM, the audio in the Vive went back to being like it was! :'( I tried rebooting but no avail. I really don't want to try to the nuke and pave fix again as it took forever to get everything set back up and hundreds of gigs of games reinstalled. I don't suppose anyone else has had this issue? EDIT: OK, figured it out. Again lol. I was digging around on the Vive support section of their site and found an entry that referred to crackling in the speakers. It said just unplug the USB cable from the linkbox. So I unplugged it, waited for the tone to indicated devices dismounted then plugged it in. I was pretty dubious about this. Fired up VR, put on the headset and sound was perfect. I'll be buggered lol So I guess in the future if your sound is all messed up, just try unplugging and replugging the USB cable. I assumed that toggling power did the same basic thing, as it also triggers the dismount tones but nope. Nice.
  8. Hi. I had a Vive original version and it worked perfectly. No issues in sound or video. Tonight I bought the Vive Pro. Plugged it up, ran the Vive Pro installer software. I go in game and the video is great. However, the audio was full of static. I rebooted and reconnected everything. Static not so bad anymore, but the sound is awful. It's stuttery and sounds like it echos. Very strange. I turned on the mirror and my PC speakers are exhibiting the same weird sound so I doubt it's hardware. Any idea what I should do? When me and my friend get done playing I'm going to totally wipe out Steam and reinstall everything but figured I'd post awhile to get input in case that fails. Thanks! Here is a video of it:
  9. Is there any way to kill the chaperone system? Or whatever you call it when using seated mode? It's handy when I'm in room scale, but sometimes I want to use the system whilst sitting. I redo it as sitting/standing mode, but it still draws a circle on the floor around my seated position. It's annoying as heck because I can see the circle through the game I'm playing when light colors are on the screen. Is there any way to tell it to not draw the circle / display chaperone at all? When doing room scale I have the chaperone set to a really dark blue to try to make it fade into the background, but turning it off all together would be idea when sitting.
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