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  1. wrote: Since it's instructions to alter file folder structures manually and operate SteamVR in an unsupported configuration, it's not something we'll typically publish for every user to view. The use cases for this particular operation are generally limited to government or corporate environments were internet connections are highly restricted or Steam is not allowed. Thank you, -John C Yes , but in fact nothing is altered in folder structure , i'd made as instructed with folder moving and all I did get was white screen on vive , I see no reason to obstruct such a simple information or make alternate solution for offline install, do we all just have to move to china for normal solution as steam is not allowed there and it works with out steam and offline !!!
  2. Trying to get my head around it as well , did try trick with VR folder but with out sucsess , would it be possible to get in pm link as well ?
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