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  1. Hello there, We have a project a VR experience, involvoing 4 people. A free roam expérience. All is fine with 4 Bases statiosn 2.0, but we need more to cover the surface. As steamVR support up to 16 :) But apprently, steamvr can detect bases station, but it is not working ! see this vidéo : Answer from Valve Software" : "SteamVR Tracking 2.0 only supports 4 bases per session. More than 4 can be found, but a device can only track from up to 4. It will not automatically switch to other bases during a session." Answer from Steam Support : "It should be possible to use 8 base stations to get very good coverage in a 10m by 10m area. The primary benefit of using more than 2 base stations is more points of reference and less chance of tracking issues due to occlusion, and depending upon your play area, you may be able to use less." It should...but it does not..so before szwitching to an other tracking option, is there something in the pipeline to suport mores than 4 Bases Station ? If someone have a idea :) In advance thank you, best regards from France
  2. Great, and what about UE4 engine ? Thanks
  3. Hi, Is there an option to turn off the HMD without unplugging the battery... ? soon the USB connector will die... Apprently there is no stand by mode too, which drain the battery...Very annoying during developement process...Thanks
  4. Hello, We would like to order additional SteamVR 2.0 base stations for the application we are currently developing. Although we are really smart, bright and sharp masters of the internet, we can't really figure out how. Is it possible to get our hands on these ? Have a good day !
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