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  1. I saw that there was an example in Unity and ideas on how to do this in Unreal ?
  2. So with all the issues I was having, it looked like it was an issue with the companies rig. It worked perfectly on my rig. It looks like they need to invest on a new rig. Thank you everyone for all your help.
  3. Sadly no I don't any See-through which means no depth or 3D Reconstruction. I am not sure if it's an issue with the USB port not being 3.0. At this point I will try the Unity examples. But yes currently see-through is not working which means the Depth and 3D Reconstruction will not work. Sadly I have no idea why the see-through is not working.
  4. I am pretty lost in understanding what I am supposed to see. Currently when I run any of the examples, and I currently step outside the room bounds. I currently see the mesh of the environment (Tron Mode). However, when running any of the examples, I don't any of the following: Using the experence example, to switch between switching between VR Mode and Mix Mode I don't see the material switch to see-through camera planes. No geometry for the procedual mesh being generated. The experence example I definitely don't don't see the generated mesh so the generated sphere's definilty won't collide. What could be the issues ? Could it be a faultly USB port ? Are we required to use USB 3.0 ? Right now I am using USB 2.0... With USB 2.0 I can't switch to over 30hz and my USB 3.0 ports are failing when I try to run the test Camera. Any direction would be greatful.
  5. Thank you everyone for all your help. I have gotten SRWork up and running in Unreal very cool and very excited. My only issue is that the Camera feed is looking like a mix of tron and the greenish tint from the Matrix. Is there a Material or something I have to toggle to get the camera to represent the RGB space instead of tron space =) ?
  6. Hi Dario, I just got it running with the SteamVR non-beta and those Logs went away except for the LogHMD: Warning: SteamVR Compositor had an error on present and now I am getting a the following log LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] Update DEPTH Error 1. Using the Experence Unreal I am not getting any DepthImage or DynamicMeshing generated at all ? Are there a few more steps I need to do to get this running ? I feel like I am almost there...
  7. When using the Unreal example I am getting tons of LogTemp and LogHMD warnings. LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] Update DISTORTED Error 1 LogHMD: Warning: SteamVR Compositor had an error on present (108) Looking in ViveSR_DualCameraImageCapture.cpp ViveSR_DualCameraImageCapture::UpdateDistortedImage() Line 181 The following lines are returing a result of 1 which is INVAILD_INPUT The snippit of code is returning iveSR_GetMultiDataSize and iveSR_GetMultiData is returing INVAILD_INPUT if (!InitialDistortedPtrSize) { result = ViveSR_GetMultiDataSize(sr_module_id, DataInfoDistorted, NUM_DATA_DISTORTED); InitialDistortedPtrSize = result == ViveSR::SR_Error::WORK; } result = ViveSR_GetMultiData(sr_module_id, DataInfoDistorted, NUM_DATA_DISTORTED); if (result == ViveSR::SR_Error::WORK) { DistortedPoseLeft = FMatrix( FPlane(RawDistortedPoseLeft[0], RawDistortedPoseLeft[4], RawDistortedPoseLeft[8], RawDistortedPoseLeft[12]), FPlane(RawDistortedPoseLeft[1], RawDistortedPoseLeft[5], RawDistortedPoseLeft[9], RawDistortedPoseLeft[13]), FPlane(RawDistortedPoseLeft[2], RawDistortedPoseLeft[6], RawDistortedPoseLeft[10], RawDistortedPoseLeft[14]), FPlane(RawDistortedPoseLeft[3], RawDistortedPoseLeft[7], RawDistortedPoseLeft[11], RawDistortedPoseLeft[15])); } else { UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("[ViveSR] Update DISTORTED Error %d"), result); }
  8. When I am running the Unreal sample (Sample.umap) all I see is black. I ran sample-CameraControl.exe and the data seems legit. (I am attaching the log). Also, It I am attaching the world outliner. Any help would be great. Unreal_Sample_logs.zip
  9. Getting a new GPU 1080 Ti fixed Unreal from crashing. Now I have another issue where everything is black.
  10. We ended up getting a new GPU a 1080 Ti and this fixed the CUDA errors. I just wonder what the dependency was and what was missing in the old Titan.
  11. I am getting the following error when running any of the c-examples CUDA error at DataProcessUtil::UpdateConstCudaCameraParams:22 code=13(cudaErrorInvalidSymbol) "cudaGetSymbolSize(&size, constCudaCameraParams)" this is the full output: c:\sample-CameraControl.exe Parse fail Parse fail Parse fail Parse fail Device_Vive2 observer ExternalCommandModule (first) ViveSR_CreateModule 0 [Depth Spatial Engine] [2018-08-23 17:56:26] [LOG] Vive Depth Spatial Construction Depth observer ExternalCommandModule (first) ViveSR_CreateModule 0 -2-2 -2-2 CUDA error at DataProcessUtil::UpdateConstCudaCameraParams:22 code=13(cudaErrorInvalidSymbol) "cudaGetSymbolSize(&size, constCudaCameraParams)"
  12. I am getting the following crashes in the SRWorkModule when starting the framework. Unhandled exception at 0x00007FF879E1E77E (ucrtbase.dll) in UE4Editor.exe: Fatal program exit requested. SRWorksResult = ViveSR_StartModule(MODULE_ID_DEPTH); and SRWorksResult = ViveSR_StartModule(MODULE_ID_RIGID_RECONSTRUCTION); in SRWorks.cpp lines 87 and 91. Is my setup in correct ? I am I missing any drivers ?
  13. When trying to execute VR Preview using SRWorks the plugin module is crashing in ModuleManager.h in LoadModuleChecked. Is VR Preview currently supported using SRWorks using Unreal 4.18 ?
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