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  1. First off, comparing screens with the Vive Pro (or regular Vive) doesn't really apply, mainly due to single vs dual diplay config. I do like the idea of a thinner gasket, but again, I think the solution is going to have to be focussed on 1) a better software based lens correction system, then 2) use a different gasket to get a bit closer. Losing a bit of FOV is going to have to be the tradeoff, but it's one that has to be made when dealing with 6DoF world-scale style tracking. To give you an idea, I demoed our latest app to others, and ALL said that they felt dizzy or slightly off. What we made used an in-engine light source off the player camera to try and soften the effect of the warping (almost like a vignetting effect), it ran at a solid 75fps and was run in a solid tracking area (about 120m² walkable space). In other words, it was the best we were able to do. HTC, please give us the option to choose between the agressive lens correction aimed at higher FoV you have now, and something less agressive (even if there is a lower FoV).
  2. Just adding my input on this one as well (I created another thread initially). After developing for the Focus more, I would happily trade a smaller FOV to get less lens distortion issues. The swimming nature the scene during head rotation is enough to make the people I've tested with feel sick. To give you some idea of what this means for our project, to counteract the problem, we've now resorted to blocking out the peripheral vision of the user. This isn't really good enough.
  3. Although a thinner gasket does reduce the issue somewhat, it's still there no matter how close you press your face into the device. We were planning on using the Focus for large scale spatial cognition research, but that is off the table until this issue has been fixed. I'm hopeful that it could be with some better software based lens correction/warping, but we're going to have to think about other devices in the interim. What I want to know is, why this isn't getting talked about more? It has such a negative impact on user experience.
  4. Have just gotten the Focus in the lab, but we cannot use it for more than about 15 minutes without feeling discomfort and broken immersion - and this is coming from a team that's been developing professionally in the simulation space on the Vive for the past two years. We are seeing extremely bad lens correction issues. At first we were thinking that it may be tracking, but the effect is persistant and somewhat lessened when removing the gasket (almost pressing eyeballs to the lenses themselves). A few of the guys are confident that this could be fixed software wise (using better applied inverse distortion), but what worries me personally is if there are lens/screen differences at the manufacturing stage, that mean some of us have bad HMDs and some of us don't. Is everyone experiencing this issue? I'm just surprised it isn't coming up in reviews out in the wild?
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