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  1. What reviews are you looking at? I saw a couple idiots on Youtube trying to say it wasn't all that great at tracking... as they used the index controllers (which is why the tracking was bad). The rest say it's a solid choice, a good upgrade and only lacks new style controllers. Which is fine for me. Anyone that's actually any good at shooting games prefers the Vive controllers that you can hold the same way each time over the other controllers you have to strap to your hand which means you'll never get it centered or aiming exactly the same way twice.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the fast response. I thought I saw the 2.0 base stations for sale separately, but I guess it was either a scam or used. I didn't know they weren't available yet. Thanks for the info! I'll definitely get them when they are available. Hopefully "accessories" refers to a pistol-type wand and maybe some other shapes? Eventually I mean.
  3. With the last update to the VIVE I'm being told my base stations are suddenly too far apart (5.3m) so I'm trying to find out if buying another base station 2.0 will help me make my play area a little bigger without occlusion or tracking issues. I was thinking two, but I don't have a huge space to play in, just a few feet bigger than the max apparently. I'm fine with buying two though since I'll eventually have the whole basement as my VR playspace (I'm medically retired military so I need to keep as active as I can between surgeries... this is my daily bread for that since I can't really go jogging or lift weights anymore). But, that's in the future and assuming I can ever convince my wife we don't need a couch down here, lol. Anyhow, I haven't see much of anything online (just how-tos for setting up 4 stations), but given my space is about half of what you would want for a 4-station area (5x7ish) I'm not sure if having 4 would help.
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