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  1. On our account we've setup the display name and when we use the GetUserName funtion it returns the display name. However when I get a leaderboard entry, then access that entries display name it returns the real world name and not the display name. It also returns both the first and second name and not just the first name.
  2. Using Unity 5.6.2 with the newest version of Viveport. When I use User.GetUserName() it returns what seems to be the user for for login. However when I get that players entry in a leaderboard it returns the first name and surname, to make matters worse i cannot now check the leaderboard entry against the username if i want to highlight it to the player as their score. Is there another way to do this or is this something that'll be adressed in the future?
  3. I was previously using a different account to test on, i've just switched to be on the admin account and no changes. The viveport key is only used if you're doing a DRM check, which i'm currently not.
  4. I'm having the same issue. I've followed the docs to the letter and not quite sure what is wrong.
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