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  1. Unplugging and plugging them back in doesn’t do anything for me - the lights still stay red.
  2. “Quite awhile”? How long is that? Years? Decades? It’s embarrassing that you, guys, release a flawed product that costs as much as a decent computer, but in reality is a glorified computer display with a mouse, yet are so incompetent as to fix what is a trivial, but exceedingly annoying, issue, for at least half a year now... ☹️ I feel that that by the time you finally get around to fixing it - there already will be other, much better VR sets, and they will not be HTC. In fact, there already is at least the Pimax...
  3. Can you, please, explain how Steam VR can affect controllers that are not even paired or ever turned on - straight out of the box? Because they’ve been like this out of the box - first thing I did when I opened the box was to try to fully charge them.
  4. Same here. All the latest updates are installed. Controllers are on the charger, nut after nearly 20 hours LEDs are still red. The Base stations also never turn off - have to unplug them :(
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