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  1. Hi All, Has anyone tried to find the remaining battery life of the Vive Tracker in script? I want to be able to constantly keep reading the battery life left for the Vive tracker in C#. Please help!!! Regards, Sameer
  2. Hi DaKenpachi, I had really thought that Pro would have good res cameras. Unfortunately it's not. I will try the Zed mini next. Lets definitely keep in touch. However for the application that I am trying to develop, I might be able to get away with low res. Not the best but maybe I would. So I am still going to give it a try. Keep me posted about your development with Zed mini and once I start with zed mini, I will try and catch-up with your speed. Regards, Sameer
  3. Hi sjobom, Thank you. I will try using Zed Mini next. Regards, Sameer
  4. Hi DanY, Understood. However the Visual effects sort of dont improve the Resolution and instead will make the scene look slightly cartoony. I might be wrong but thats what it felt from the video you posted. Also I need to build a high res AR application using this. So thinking if this is the limitation of the dual camera built-in or something that can be controlled. From your response, I understand it is not adjustable. But I am really surprised that HTC did not consider high resolution for these HMDs. Regards, Sameer
  5. Hi All, I just downloaded the SRWorks SDK and tried to run the Sample Scene. The Resolution seems to be absolute poor. Is everyone facing this issue? Is there a fix to this apart from getting external Camera? Regards, Sameer
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