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  1. Mike's problem is not the same as mine, Viveport works fine on m system, just LA Noire is crashing. I'm in contact with Rockstar support, so far no result. Maybe something wrong on my system. Well, at least it was a free game, I can live with that ;) Good luck to you with your problem, Mike. I'll keep you guys updated if I solve the problem.
  2. Hi David! I managed to find the launcher log: [2019-05-03 17:11:51.259] [DISPLAY] [main] Command line: "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Launcher\Launcher.exe" -viveportApp=lanoirevr -viveportLocation "N:\Spiele\Viveport\ViveApps\9fac28ae-df6f-493f-8035-3f4a5e861fdc\1533930397" --openvr --openvrcontrollers --parentIsLauncher --rtu --disableplayerdestinationcamerazones @args.txt [2019-05-03 17:11:51.259] [DISPLAY] [main] Working directory: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Launcher [2019-05-03 17:11:51.295] [DISPLAY] [minmode] Running in Viveport mode. [2019-05-03 17:11:51.295] [DISPLAY] [minmode] Title Id: lanoirevr [2019-05-03 17:11:51.295] [DISPLAY] [minmode] Location: N:\Spiele\Viveport\ViveApps\9fac28ae-df6f-493f-8035-3f4a5e861fdc\1533930397 [2019-05-03 17:11:51.295] [DISPLAY] [launcher] Opening log file. [2019-05-03 17:11:51.371] [DISPLAY] [titlemanager] Could not get title list cache from disk; no titles known to be installed. [2019-05-03 17:11:51.372] [DISPLAY] [fileutils] File version (for C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club\socialclub.dll) [2019-05-03 17:11:51.382] [DISPLAY] [fileutils] File version (for C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Social Club\socialclub.dll) [2019-05-03 17:11:51.382] [DISPLAY] [fileutils] File version (for C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Launcher\Launcher.exe) [2019-05-03 17:11:51.383] [DISPLAY] [fileutils] Version: | | FFP [2019-05-03 17:11:51.395] [DISPLAY] [ui_mainwindow] Using DPI 96,96 [2019-05-03 17:11:51.571] [DISPLAY] [idownloader] Starting download of 'http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/launcher/launcher_online_config.xml' [2019-05-03 17:11:51.687] [DISPLAY] [idownloader] Completed download of 'http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/launcher/launcher_online_config.xml' (status: 0/200) [2019-05-03 17:11:59.869] [DISPLAY] [launcher] Presence Event - Signed In and Online [2019-05-03 17:11:59.869] [DISPLAY] [launcher] User 'deadsocietypoet' is now signed in [2019-05-03 17:11:59.869] [DISPLAY] [launcher] Time to start up: 8623 ms [2019-05-03 17:11:59.870] [DISPLAY] [minmode] Notifying Social Club UI about min-mode... [2019-05-03 17:11:59.870] [DISPLAY] [minmode] Setting up Viveport title... [2019-05-03 17:11:59.871] [DISPLAY] [idownloader] Starting download of 'http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/launcher/title_metadata.json' [2019-05-03 17:11:59.921] [DISPLAY] [minmode] Launch requested, but ready yet, delaying until ready. [2019-05-03 17:11:59.931] [DISPLAY] [minmode] Now ready to attempt the launch that was previously requested. [2019-05-03 17:11:59.931] [DISPLAY] [minmode] Attempting min-mode launch... [2019-05-03 17:12:00.000] [DISPLAY] [launcher] Friend Event - Friends are Available [2019-05-03 17:12:00.076] [DISPLAY] [idownloader] Completed download of 'http://patches.rockstargames.com/prod/launcher/title_metadata.json' (status: 0/200) [2019-05-03 17:12:00.098] [DISPLAY] [titlemanager] Updating metadata for title lanoirevr. [2019-05-03 17:12:00.099] [DISPLAY] [titlemanager] Updating metadata for title launcher. [2019-05-03 17:12:00.099] [DISPLAY] [scuimessage] Sending title list to Social Club UI [2019-05-03 17:12:00.099] [DISPLAY] [fileutils] File version (for C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Launcher\Launcher.exe) [2019-05-03 17:12:00.821] [DISPLAY] [fileutils] File version 402.1.0.0 (for N:\Spiele\Viveport\ViveApps\9fac28ae-df6f-493f-8035-3f4a5e861fdc\1533930397\LANoireVR.exe) [2019-05-03 17:12:00.834] [DISPLAY] [cloudsaveop] Cloud Save sync requested for title 'lanoirevr' [2019-05-03 17:12:00.853] [DISPLAY] [cloudsaveop] Starting cloud save enabled check for title 'lanoirevr' [2019-05-03 17:12:00.854] [DISPLAY] [cloudsaveop] Received cloud saves enabled state for title 'lanoirevr', enabled=false [2019-05-03 17:12:00.854] [DISPLAY] [cloudsaveop] Finished syncing cloud saves for title 'lanoirevr' [2019-05-03 17:12:02.470] [DISPLAY] [gamelaunch] Launching game... [2019-05-03 17:12:02.471] [DISPLAY] [gamelaunch] Path: N:\Spiele\Viveport\ViveApps\9fac28ae-df6f-493f-8035-3f4a5e861fdc\1533930397\LANoireVR.exe [2019-05-03 17:12:02.471] [DISPLAY] [gamelaunch] Command Line: "N:\Spiele\Viveport\ViveApps\9fac28ae-df6f-493f-8035-3f4a5e861fdc\1533930397\LANoireVR.exe" -viveportApp=lanoirevr -viveportLocation N:\Spiele\Viveport\ViveApps\9fac28ae-df6f-493f-8035-3f4a5e861fdc\1533930397 --openvr --openvrcontrollers --parentIsLauncher --rtu --disableplayerdestinationcamerazones @args.txt [2019-05-03 17:12:04.769] [DISPLAY] [gamelaunch] Game exited with code 0xc000001d [2019-05-03 17:12:04.769] [ ERROR ] [crashdetection] Exit code 0xc000001d indicates a fatal game exit (reason: Unknown Error Code) [2019-05-03 17:12:04.769] [ ERROR ] [error] ************************************************************************ [2019-05-03 17:12:04.769] [ ERROR ] [error] * Setting error condition [2019-05-03 17:12:04.769] [ ERROR ] [error] * Category: 5 (ERROR_CATEGORY_EXIT_CODE) [2019-05-03 17:12:04.769] [ ERROR ] [error] * Code: -1073741795 (0xc000001d) [2019-05-03 17:12:04.769] [ ERROR ] [error] * Extra: [2019-05-03 17:12:04.769] [ ERROR ] [error] * Localised: L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files wurde unerwartet beendet. Bitte klicke unten auf „Erneut versuchen“, um das Spiel neuzustarten oder „Bestätigen“, um das Spiel zu beenden. Solltest du weiterhin Probleme beim Ausführen des Spiels haben, kontaktiere bitte den Kundenservice von Rockstar Games unter https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/de. [2019-05-03 17:12:04.770] [ ERROR ] [error] ************************************************************************ [2019-05-03 17:12:08.371] [DISPLAY] [cloudsaveop] Cloud Save sync requested for title 'lanoirevr' [2019-05-03 17:12:08.392] [DISPLAY] [cloudsaveop] Starting cloud save enabled check for title 'lanoirevr' [2019-05-03 17:12:08.393] [DISPLAY] [cloudsaveop] Received cloud saves enabled state for title 'lanoirevr', enabled=false [2019-05-03 17:12:08.393] [DISPLAY] [cloudsaveop] Finished syncing cloud saves for title 'lanoirevr' [2019-05-03 17:12:08.394] [DISPLAY] [launcher] StartShutdown - Now in progress [2019-05-03 17:12:08.865] [DISPLAY] [app] Application quit requested (exit code: 0) [2019-05-03 17:12:08.885] [DISPLAY] [cloudsaveop] Cancelling cloud sync operation for title 'lanoirevr' [2019-05-03 17:12:09.901] [DISPLAY] [launcher] Closing log file.
  3. Got the free LA Noire with Infinity. After registering with Rockstar, which went fine, the game threw an error message, which it does every time I start it. It happens after logging on to Rockstar Social, so the registration part seems to work, but the game won't start. The error message is very nondescript. (something like "error - LA Noire was closed unexpectedly)
  4. Thank you, that helps. I might wait a bit with redeeming the code then, don't need a subscription atm. :)
  5. Hi guys, just bought my Vive, yay. Astonishingly works perfectly on an 8-year-old PC with GTX760. Anyway, I have the code that came in the package. What exactly will I get for that, and is the code bound to a specific bundle, or does the content change over time and I get what is the current content at the time of redeeming? In other words, wait to redeem the code or redeem right away?
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