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  1. When I do this I see the default wave load screen, then my splash screen for 0.1 seconds, and then the default wave load screen again. I'm using Unity 2018.1.0f2 with a blank new project. How do I resolve this issue?
  2. Any further information on this issue?
  3. Is the Instant Play feature for Unreal something that Unity also has or will it be available in the future? It's not the same as the simulator right?
  4. On the 3dof controller. When pressing for example dpad-up and then dpad-down immediately after, it sometimes doesnt behave like dpad-down is pressed but dpad-up again. I first used GetPress(WVR_InputId _id) in WaveVRController. And then even tried directly calling wvr.Interop.WVR_GetInputButtonState(WVR_DeviceType, WVR_InputId). But both give similar unwanted results. Can someone confirm this? We need fast interaction with the dpad and this bug is interfering with that.
  5. In case other devs had trouble with the Snapshot Capture feature not working. Make sure to have the line <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" /> in your AndroidManifest.xml. (Or enable the external storage option in Unity player settings if you're using Unity, this will put this line in the manifest for you). Then go to the app settings in the Vive Focus settings and enable the Storage permission. <- This part is what got me.
  6. It became even worse. It now shows I have negative 300 MB free memory in the running services window. Even after I force-stop the game. I tried a factory reset but the memory window still shows around negative 300 MB free memory. A quick screencap through the Vysor app, can't really see the details as I'm mirroring on low res, but as you can see the memory is half full with system services and half full with apps. And shows negative values for free memory. It's the 2D App launcher (600MB) and the Viveport M (1.1GB) that take up the most app space. No game is running in the background. I'm on the latest firmware.
  7. Has anyone managed to use the snapshot feature in the profiler? The game freezes for a couple of seconds after I press Take Snapshot, but after that the profiler keeps showing the "Retrieving Snapshot" message forever.
  8. I'm porting a PC game to the Vive Focus. Ofcourse a lot has to be optimized. Right now without any changes the game uses around 1 GB of RAM. But the system uses 2GB and other running (necessary?) apps use 1 GB as well. So I hit 4 GB easily. Is 1 GB really all we can work with or am I doing something wrong (missing some options?).
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