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  1. thanks for the response, it's really nice to get a quick and knowledgable reply from an official source. I've chased this problem a LOT, both with htc support and on my own. I'm talking; driver reinstalled, firmware updates, os reinstalls, various PCIE usb cards, covering anything remotely reflective, new link box, new 3 in 1 cable, approxemetly 200 different lighthouse positions, and I **bleep** you not: I even eventually rigged a sort of black box theater with giant floor to ceiling curtains inside my bedroom. all attempting to solve the exact symptoms described in this an other th
  2. I have experienced this since getting my vive last summer, if my rooms gets up over 80 degrees my tracking (which is perfect throughout the rest of the year) deteriorates until it's unusuable, as soon as the ambient temp drops to more reasonable levels I can use my vive for as long as I like. my cpu/gpu temprature stays nominal, it probably has something to do with an increase in ambiant IR reflection off hotter objects in my room, considering the climate in my state is trending hotter I'll be investing in some thermal curtains for my window and a portable AC to break during the really hot wee
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