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  1. Hello, Thanks for your reply. My game supports one or two controllers, that's why I use them. I'll change my code to only use the right controller when only one controller is detected. Thanks
  2. Hello, Thanks for you answer. I know how to use the API, please take a look at my code [just here](https://gist.github.com/demonixis/776a85a25798d2b7517bb663a08e6c96). Everything worked with the previous SDK. With the new version I have no more input. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I can't get the input system to work since I've updated to the latest version of the SDK. I tried to create a gameobject and adding the WaveVR_ButtonList, as explained in that article but it changes nothing. Have you any clues to fix that? I've a game almost ready for a release on the store, this is the last issue. I can also share the code with the Vive Focus Team if necessary. Thanks.
  4. I can't edit my post but I want say "Your application is NOW working with all versions of Unity 2019, including beta!".
  5. Hello, The SDK is not compatible with Unity 2019, but you can make it work very easily. Open the file Plugins/BuildCheck.cs, and change that line (line 186) : if (Application.unityVersion.StartsWith("2017.") || Application.unityVersion.StartsWith("2018.")) by if (Application.unityVersion.StartsWith("2017.") || Application.unityVersion.StartsWith("2018.") || Application.unityVersion.StartsWith("2019.")) Your application is not working with all versions of Unity 2019, including beta! Cheers
  6. Thank you for the quick update. The changelog is just here and contains many usefull features that will help us during our work. - Per Platform LODs, you can choose the minimum LOD level per object, per platform, it's a must have when doing a port of an existing content that runs on an higher platform (HTC Vive) - Compilation time improved a lot - C++ Live coding, the iteration time is much faster, similare to what we have with Unity - Mesh drawing refactoring, UE4 will try to make instance if possible, resulting in a good speed boost - Blueprint indexing for faster loading There are many other features, but those ones are the TOP for mobile VR.
  7. Yeah, the Per platform LOD is so good! It's easier to port a PC game to mobile thanks to that feature. Also compilation time, graphics refactoring and C++ live coding are great additions to the engine. We definitly need a 4.22 port asap.
  8. Hello, Thanks for informations. If I understand well, the next update is planned for Q3, that means no support for UE4.22 before 4.23 release (which will be released to Q3 too). May I ask why the WaveVR SDK is not synchronized with current release? I can understand that some features like Multiview are maybe hard to implement, but supporting the latest version of UE4 is IMHO required today for mobile VR because it's evolving a lot. UE4.22 adds many goodness for mobile, including VR. I would love to see an update for 4.22 as soon as possible. Or maybe, having the full code source access to compile the plugin for 4.22 by ourselve? Thanks.
  9. That sounds great! I have to admit that I'm waiting UE4.21 support as well as MotionController support. Another question, do you have plans to support Mobile Multiview and Mobile Multiview Direct? Those are interesting optimizations..
  10. Hello, Today it's not possible to use UE4 default MotionController with the SDK. We've to use the WaveVRMotionController, or doing some stuff by ourself. Because it's not very conveniant to use the SDK with an existing project that targets other VR SDKs, is it possible to support directly the MotionController please?
  11. Hello, We're working on a project on 4.21. For now we're trying to use the SDK using a test project in 4.20, but it'll be great if we can try the project directly on the Vive Focus. Is it possible to have a link to a beta version of the 4.21? Of course not to publish any content. Also the 4.22 is coming in March with some goodness about mobile and VR. Have you plans to make a quick update for 4.22? If not, is it possible to have instructions to update the plugin by ourself? Unreal is evolving a lot on the mobile side, it's great for everyone to be able to use latest versions.
  12. Hello, Sorry for the late update. Yes Linear color space seems to work with my recent tests. However I can't get the post processing stack V2 to work. I put the post processing layer on the both eyes, but the projection is not good. It's ok when I disable the post processing layer on both eyes. Any idea? I see many advantages on the Vive Focus with my recent tests (using riftcat). I really would like to explore more this headset with an updated SDK.
  13. Hello, I just got the Vive Focus. I use Unity and I want to make content on it. I have a lot of issues and I would like to know if it's planned to fix them or not. First the linear color space is not supported, it's problematic because you can't create a good lighting without it. It's not compatible with new unity's Lightweight render pipeline, which improves a lot performances. Post processing is hard to use and performances are bad. Finally the SDK uses a dual camera setup, which is terrible for performances. Have you plans to integrate natively the Vive Focus into Unity, like it's the case for the Vive, Rift, etc... If not, do you plan to make a native plugin for Unity to use the UnityXR features? OSVR did that and it was the best addition made to the SDK. If you do one of those solution, all issues will be fixed. Finally, the Vive Focus have a nice CPU/GPU, thanks to the Snapdragon 835, so please don't limit the hardware with the SDK.
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