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  1. It used to be that you could disable the popup by modifying the css in systemui.css. But it's now 2021 and that no longer works! So I just spent two hours searching through SteamVR code and finally found another way to disable that game breaking popup !! You have to comment out a single line in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\resources\webinterface\dashboard\systemui.js which prevents the IPD callback from firing (see attached image). Enjoy!
  2. Still waiting for a response to this inquiry, how to clear my profile picture or change it to something else. I'm assuming you are ignoring me now HTC as you are literally ignoring my requests and concerns about this subject. I will continue to ask for assistance every time I visit this forum. Thanks for being so uncaring and unhelpful.
  3. This annoying popup appears on my Vive pro and Vive pro eye every five minutes, This is the worst experience ever! I have spent too many thousands of dollars on this hardware for this crap to keep occurring. No updates, No firmware fixes, No menu options to disable it, No solution at all, and NO one at HTC gives even the slightest crap (I have called them, emailed them, asked for refunds, RMAs, nothing!!!). It's like driving on the highway in some fancy sports car but the hood latch constantly keeps flying open and blocking your view of the road. I do not understand why they do not fix this horrible experience, I thought VR was about beautiful immersion; not some annoying popup menus that present meaningless information to users every five minutes because they were having a good time in a game. My engineering experience tells me this is a issue with hysteresis values being too narrow on the encoder and NEEDS to be widened or OPTIONS ADDED to allow users to simply disable the blinding popups. Just don't forget who is manufacturing these headsets, makes the hardware seem so low quality. My Quest 2 is like a god send compared to this experience, PLEASE FIX YOUR CRAPPY FEATURES TEAM VIVE!
  4. Glad others are having success, I have had no success and have been trying to get this working for months.
  5. HTC is now ignoring me ! I would like my avatar reset please, Every time I change it, it reverts right back ! Who should I contact to have this avatar removed from my profile picture?
  6. Not sure what you mean by front port?? I actually purchased and entire USB3.0 card for this Vive and it DID NOT resolve the issue. No matter what I do I can not get this lip tracker working with my Vive pro eye, I am a software engineer and spend a large majority of my time debugging software/hardware, so something as simple as a Vive USB camera should not be this complicated! Also I recently spent $8000 building my VR ready PC, so there should be no reason my PC can't support this hardware. It's just broken, to this day Vive Eye and Vive Lip refuse to work together. I purchased my Vive pro eye the first day it was available - so I'm sure you sent me some early beta model or prototype HMD that probably has tons of issues with it. But still, why is something as simple as USB not working and constantly disconnecting (makes USB disconnect sound in Windows over and over and over and over) and nothing works at all!!! I have purchased a USB extension cable and have to zip tie that to my Vive cable as a second USB cable just for this Lip track camera, which works but is bulky and weighs more, and the cable cost $50 Being a developer who creates games for Vive and I recommended Vive to my community/customers often but I am now the one who has to suffer with crap hardware from a company that won't return my calls. A waste of money is what I call this thing now. Unless you can help me fix it I'm sticking with Apple IOS facecap which uses superior Truedepth technology, Vive can't even get USB working .. argggh so much wasted money on this I have given to you HTC, got very little back in return - mostly just headache.
  7. Nothing has made any difference - the vive eye and lip tracking do not work together at all. Even after using the USB chipsets recommended by HTC (and high end PC with best possible cabling) and all I get is constant USB disconnect sounds and SRANIPAL keeps crashing after starting eye tracing then starting lip tracking. This even happens on multiple PCs in my studio and on multiple OSs. I can't understand how this can be a product if it does not work. I have tried so many things, no on here is offering any advice - just complete regarding the subject. What do I need to do, fix or purchase in order to make Eye and the Lip tracking work together? Is there another USB card I can try? I have very limited budget so all of this guessing and purchasing of hardware that does not make improvements is becoming costly. Please HTC help me so I can use your premium HMD for face tracking, this I ask you kindly to please devote a small portion of your time to at least responding to my pleas for help - I have be a loyal customer and have spent multiple $1,000 of dollars on your products, but now you completely ignore my requests for information or assistance?
  8. Can someone please reset or clear my avatar ? please?
  9. I found this webpage on vive.com that recommends using the Inateck KTU3FR-2O2I pcie card for the Vive Pro. And this page at valvesoftware that lists some compatible cards. I have no clue if any of them will solve the Vive Pro Eye + lip tracker together crashing USB issues ?? But I saw the KTU3FR-202I is sold out and not available anywhere. I ordered a KT4006 instead as it appears to have the same chipset (from what I can tell in the pictures). I hope this is the solution so i can finally use my facecap hardware together. I really hope I am not wasting $25 on something unrelated to the actual issue. I am still very disappointed that my I9 Asus z390 mobo did not work (as well as other PCs) including all other USB 3 ports and pcie cards i have tested do not work and show the same USB drivers crashing every time - so yea, i'm not very optimistic it is USB chipset related and probably something is broken or faulty in HTC's design - but will report back soon with results.
  10. Thanks @pwoz I hope you do not have the same experiences that I am. This is like having a really nice car that has costed you a fortune but when you try to start the engine it just sputters out and refuses to work. Can someone please recommend a USB PCIE card I can try? I am on a limited budget and can't buy numorous PCIE cards to try to find one that works please please please someone list some possible working USB card models and I will start by purchasing those to see if they are working. Thank you.
  11. I am having an extremely difficult time running Vive pro eye and lip tracking hardware on my PC (pc specs). Vive Pro Eye + Lip tracking is not working together at all on my PC (or any of my other studio PCs). Vive Pro Eye + Lip tracking only works individually, but if I enable both sensors then the USB devices reset and neither works anymore. It's very frustrating that no one at HTC made it clear that Lip tracker was incompatible with Vive pro eye on common PCs. At least for me they do not work together. If I use the vive wireless adapter they they both do work but the connect becomes so slow and basically useless. I have read that the Vive is extremely sensitive to USB chipsets but no one goes into details, so I am left in a void, where do I get proper USB hardware now? What card do I need? Please someone help me, I have been trying to add lip tracking to my game for weeks, everyone keeps asking me why it's taking so long and all I can say is I think HTC is not paying attention to their products and released something broken?? Which is not helping my communities confidence in this new lip tracking sensor thing. Please someone inform me what is best USB3.0 PCIE card so I may use both eye and lip tracking at the same time - and recommend to my community!! Please!!! This is becoming very urgent!!
  12. My profile avatar imaged keeps just coming back after 1 hour! Why am I being forced to use this avatar? I don't want it. PLEASE UNSET MY AVATAR IMAGE (what if it was personally identifiable like a pic of my face, then I would be really worried that HTC is not letting me clear it). I am very upset, why am I being singled out here?
  13. I managed to get them both working using the Vive Wireless adapter, however the latency is so bad i can barely walk much less enjoy any of these new extremely expensive pieces of hardware. I can't say for sure but after the weeks of effort I have spent trying to make this work and it simply is broken - most users would just give up I'm sure and post bad reviews. So here's my review: The Vive lip tracker is really good The Vive eye tracking is really good Vive lip tracker + Vive eye tracker is absolutely horrid .
  14. I tried testing FaceGym and there was no face tracking available. But what's really strange is that when I connect the USB cable from the Linkbox into a USB2.0 port the camera is detected and almost works (it is very jumpy and less than 1fps) but it works!!! When I move back to USB3.0 port it is not detected. I have tested using onboard USB3.0 ports and a PCIE USB3.0 card (intel chipset) and both the lip camera is not detected. Why would USB 2.0 work better than a USB 3.0 ? Is there anything I can do??
  15. I just tried updating the Runtime to v1.3.2.0 but get exactly the same issue. So I am still unable to use both my eye tracker and face tracker at the same time, Please can someone help me figure this out !!
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