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  1. I tried testing FaceGym and there was no face tracking available. But what's really strange is that when I connect the USB cable from the Linkbox into a USB2.0 port the camera is detected and almost works (it is very jumpy and less than 1fps) but it works!!! When I move back to USB3.0 port it is not detected. I have tested using onboard USB3.0 ports and a PCIE USB3.0 card (intel chipset) and both the lip camera is not detected. Why would USB 2.0 work better than a USB 3.0 ? Is there anything I can do??
  2. I just tried updating the Runtime to v1.3.2.0 but get exactly the same issue. So I am still unable to use both my eye tracker and face tracker at the same time, Please can someone help me figure this out !!
  3. Hi, sorry if this is wrong place but each time I log to my account here I notice my avatar picture keeps being reset to a image I uploaded a long time ago, I do not want any avatar image associated with my account but despite clicking the option to remove the avatar image it just keeps reappearing after some time or when I log in... I just tried unsetting it a minute ago, so maybe it will remain unset, but after some time I think it will always reset it self back to a image I uploaded earlier. Can admin PLEASE clear my avatar profile picture so that i will remain unset?
  4. I am trying to use both eye and lip tracking together in my Unity scene. I can not get them to work together at all. If I enable both SRanipal Eye Framework and SRanipal Lip Framework in my scene then only the eye tracking works. Once I destroy the SRanipal Eye Framework object then the lip tracking starts working. Is it even possible to use both Eye and Lip tracking together at the same time? If not then can somebody please explain why would it not be possible? SDK-v1.3.3.0
  5. I am also trying to use both eye and lip tracking together. I can not get them to work together at all no matter how they are initialized. @benaclejames Where you able to get both working together in the same scene at the same time? If I enable both SRanipal Eye Framework and SRanipal Lip Framework in my scene then only the eye tracking works. Once I destroy the SRanipal Eye Framework object then the lip tracking starts working. Is it even possible to use both together? SDK-v1.3.3.0 Runtime v1.
  6. Hello! I am a game developer currently releasing a game on Steam. My game is a mocap sandbox tool for creating full avatar recordings and has a modest community of users. It currently supports vive pro eye gaze tracking, but also I have written a IPhone app for streaming Apple's ARKit facecap data to the avatars in my game, which looks really sweet already! I would love to offer this new face capture option as a feature in the beta and final release of my game as soon as possible - I believe the beta testing community on my Discord server would be very interested in purchasing t
  7. I use a I9-9900K, but I like to keep CPU loads down, how much CPU does it consume? Is it noticeable overhead? I have one more question and I can't seem to find an answer but how is the battery life on the Vive pro eye vs. the Vive pro? I'd imagine that driving arrays of IR LEDs and the extra gaze tracking camera must consume some additional battery. Are the batteries replaceable? Where can I get a larger battery?? Or where can I purchase extra batteries and chargers?? Thanks for your help!!
  8. Hey thanks! I create motion capture with VR, I too notice that when using headtrackers instead of the HMD I feel more free, so I can completely appreciate how wireless makes things more natural. I understand there is not much available (yet), but I am creating my own software and have integrated the SDK into it. I utilize the Eye tracking feature for film production:
  9. Thanks, I believe it's in the budget to buy a pair before 2020🍻 Do you notice any latency compared to wired?
  10. I am looking at the wireless adapter for the Vive pro and was wondering if it will also support the eye tracking of the Vive pro eye? I was told that eye tracking is simple USB device, but I do not know if the wireless adapter will work with it. Can someone please help me figure out if the two are compatible (can we use the wireless adapter for VR and eye tracking)?
  11. Just tried it, and indeed it works perfectly!! So I further examined my custom `SRanipal_EyeFocusSample.cs` and I found some faults. For some reason I forgot to add some lines to my script, and after adding these lines the eyelids are working very well: //These lines were missing from my custom script. else { for (int i = 0; i < (int)EyeShape.Max; ++i) { bool isBlink = ((EyeShape)i == EyeShape.Eye_Left_Blink || (EyeShape)i == EyeShape.Eye_Right_Blink); EyeWeightings[(EyeShape)i] = isBlink ? 1 : 0; } UpdateEyeShapes(EyeWeightings); return; } Apparently I was b
  12. Did not work!!!!! Eyelids still sometimes get stuck partially open with all latest versions, while previous runtime version works flawlessly. I have just updated my project to and am using Runtime Version and again my character's eyelids are getting stuck half open! I now have to down-grade once again to RUNTIME Furthermore I must still request all users also downgrade their runtimes otherwise my game looks horrible. Why is the runtime so awful?? Am I doing something wrong here? Where is SDK??? Will t
  13. Hi Jason Thanks for that picture, I feel kind of silly that I did not think to check there 😶 Here's what I saw: So I think my version is a very old one. I will update to the SDK tonight. 😊 But I have one question, you said you tested SR_Runtime with both SDK and SDK But I was not able to find any mention of the SDK? Is it available for download anywhere? Thanks again for your help. And I am very sorry to keep bothering you.
  14. I looked through my entire Unity project but could not locate any SRanipal.dll's "detail page". Could you please explain how to reach it? And I am pretty sure that I am using an old SDK in my project, but I can not find a download for the latest sdk anywhere. When I look at the official vive-sranipal-sdk page then I only see SRanipal SDK v1.1.0.1 (556 MB) available. Where do I download the latest sdk you mention??? I even tried this link but the file does not exist: https://hub.vive.com/en-US/download/SRanipal_SDK_1.1.2.0.zip I can't wait to try the lat
  15. I just searched through my script and could find no mention of `timestamp` anywhere, so I don't think I am using it. I have attached my re-write of the SRanipal_AvatarEyeSample.cs script. I have no clue where to even look to find the bug, things were working perfectly until the update hit and now it's unusable right at a critical time. This has been very frustrating and I can't solve this by my self as I have no idea what to even look for. Could you please help me understand what I have to change in my scripts so the eyelids will close normally again when using v1.1.2.0?
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