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  1. I use a I9-9900K, but I like to keep CPU loads down, how much CPU does it consume? Is it noticeable overhead? I have one more question and I can't seem to find an answer but how is the battery life on the Vive pro eye vs. the Vive pro? I'd imagine that driving arrays of IR LEDs and the extra gaze tracking camera must consume some additional battery. Are the batteries replaceable? Where can I get a larger battery?? Or where can I purchase extra batteries and chargers?? Thanks for your help!!
  2. Hey thanks! I create motion capture with VR, I too notice that when using headtrackers instead of the HMD I feel more free, so I can completely appreciate how wireless makes things more natural. I understand there is not much available (yet), but I am creating my own software and have integrated the SDK into it. I utilize the Eye tracking feature for film production:
  3. Thanks, I believe it's in the budget to buy a pair before 2020ðŸŧ Do you notice any latency compared to wired?
  4. I am looking at the wireless adapter for the Vive pro and was wondering if it will also support the eye tracking of the Vive pro eye? I was told that eye tracking is simple USB device, but I do not know if the wireless adapter will work with it. Can someone please help me figure out if the two are compatible (can we use the wireless adapter for VR and eye tracking)?
  5. Just tried it, and indeed it works perfectly!! So I further examined my custom `SRanipal_EyeFocusSample.cs` and I found some faults. For some reason I forgot to add some lines to my script, and after adding these lines the eyelids are working very well: //These lines were missing from my custom script. else { for (int i = 0; i < (int)EyeShape.Max; ++i) { bool isBlink = ((EyeShape)i == EyeShape.Eye_Left_Blink || (EyeShape)i == EyeShape.Eye_Right_Blink); EyeWeightings[(EyeShape)i] = isBlink ? 1 : 0; } UpdateEyeShapes(EyeWeightings); return; } Apparently I was being a super noob ðŸĪŠ lol. And I am very sorry for asking so many questions. My project is now fully updated and working, and even using the latest SRanipal_V2 data! This is great! The new runtime is great! the latest SDK is great! Thank you so much for all of your kind help! Keep up the great work 😃😃😃👍 ðŸŧ
  6. Did not work!!!!! Eyelids still sometimes get stuck partially open with all latest versions, while previous runtime version works flawlessly. I have just updated my project to and am using Runtime Version and again my character's eyelids are getting stuck half open! I now have to down-grade once again to RUNTIME Furthermore I must still request all users also downgrade their runtimes otherwise my game looks horrible. Why is the runtime so awful?? Am I doing something wrong here? Where is SDK??? Will this ever be fixed?
  7. Hi Jason Thanks for that picture, I feel kind of silly that I did not think to check there ðŸ˜ķ Here's what I saw: So I think my version is a very old one. I will update to the SDK tonight. 😊 But I have one question, you said you tested SR_Runtime with both SDK and SDK But I was not able to find any mention of the SDK? Is it available for download anywhere? Thanks again for your help. And I am very sorry to keep bothering you.
  8. I looked through my entire Unity project but could not locate any SRanipal.dll's "detail page". Could you please explain how to reach it? And I am pretty sure that I am using an old SDK in my project, but I can not find a download for the latest sdk anywhere. When I look at the official vive-sranipal-sdk page then I only see SRanipal SDK v1.1.0.1 (556 MB) available. Where do I download the latest sdk you mention??? I even tried this link but the file does not exist: https://hub.vive.com/en-US/download/SRanipal_SDK_1.1.2.0.zip I can't wait to try the latest SDK in my project! And I am very hopeful it will fix!! Thank you very much for your help.
  9. I just searched through my script and could find no mention of `timestamp` anywhere, so I don't think I am using it. I have attached my re-write of the SRanipal_AvatarEyeSample.cs script. I have no clue where to even look to find the bug, things were working perfectly until the update hit and now it's unusable right at a critical time. This has been very frustrating and I can't solve this by my self as I have no idea what to even look for. Could you please help me understand what I have to change in my scripts so the eyelids will close normally again when using v1.1.2.0? Thank you. //========= Copyright 2018, HTC Corporation. All rights reserved. =========== using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Assertions; using System; using Unity.Mathematics; using UnityEditor; namespace ViveSR { namespace anipal { namespace Eye { public class SRanipal_AvatarEyeSample2 : MonoBehaviour { [SerializeField] private Transform[] EyesModels = new Transform[0]; public List<EyeShapeTable> EyeShapeTables; /// <summary> /// Customize this curve to fit the blend shapes of your avatar. /// </summary> [SerializeField] public AnimationCurve EyebrowAnimationCurveUpper; /// <summary> /// Customize this curve to fit the blend shapes of your avatar. /// </summary> [SerializeField] public AnimationCurve EyebrowAnimationCurveLower; /// <summary> /// Customize this curve to fit the blend shapes of your avatar. /// </summary> [SerializeField] public AnimationCurve EyebrowAnimationCurveHorizontal; public bool NeededToGetData = true; public Dictionary<EyeShape, float> EyeWeightings = new Dictionary<EyeShape, float>(); private AnimationCurve[] EyebrowAnimationCurves = new AnimationCurve[(int)EyeShape.Max]; private GameObject[] EyeAnchors; private const int NUM_OF_EYES = 2; private Armature m_armature; //private void Start() public void Initialize(Armature armature, Transform leftEye, Transform rightEye) { Selection.activeGameObject=this.gameObject; if (!SRanipal_Eye_Framework.Instance.EnableEye) { enabled = false; return; } eyeWashV3 = new Vector3(eyeWash.x, eyeWash.y, 1.0f); m_armature = armature; EyeShapeTables = armature.eyeTablesList; EyesModels = new Transform[] {leftEye, rightEye}; SetEyesModels(EyesModels[0], EyesModels[1]); SetEyeShapeTables(EyeShapeTables); AnimationCurve[] curves = new AnimationCurve[(int)EyeShape.Max]; for (int i = 0; i < EyebrowAnimationCurves.Length; ++i) { if (i == (int)EyeShape.Eye_Left_Up || i == (int)EyeShape.Eye_Right_Up) curves[i] = EyebrowAnimationCurveUpper; else if (i == (int)EyeShape.Eye_Left_Down || i == (int)EyeShape.Eye_Right_Down) curves[i] = EyebrowAnimationCurveLower; else curves[i] = EyebrowAnimationCurveHorizontal; } SetEyeShapeAnimationCurves(curves); SRanipal_Eye.GetEyeWeightings(out EyeWeightings); UpdateEyeShapes(EyeWeightings); } public Vector3 directionOverrideLeft = Vector3.forward; public Vector3 directionOverrideRight = Vector3.forward; bool isLeftEyeActiveLast = false; bool isRightEyeActiveLast = false; float isLeftEyeActiveTime = 0; float isRightEyeActiveTime = 0; const float blinkEyeDirectionBlendTime = .25f; Vector3 leftEyeDirectionLast = Vector3.zero; Vector3 rightEyeDirectionLast = Vector3.zero; public void PostUpdate() //must be done after vrik { if (SRanipal_Eye_Framework.Status != SRanipal_Eye_Framework.FrameworkStatus.WORKING && SRanipal_Eye_Framework.Status != SRanipal_Eye_Framework.FrameworkStatus.NOT_SUPPORT) return; if (NeededToGetData) { EyeData eyeData = new EyeData(); SRanipal_Eye.GetEyeData(ref eyeData); bool isLeftEyeActive = false; bool isRightEyeAcitve = false; if (SRanipal_Eye_Framework.Status == SRanipal_Eye_Framework.FrameworkStatus.WORKING) { isLeftEyeActive = eyeData.verbose_data.left.GetValidity(SingleEyeDataValidity.SINGLE_EYE_DATA_GAZE_ORIGIN_VALIDITY); isRightEyeAcitve = eyeData.verbose_data.right.GetValidity(SingleEyeDataValidity.SINGLE_EYE_DATA_GAZE_ORIGIN_VALIDITY); } else if (SRanipal_Eye_Framework.Status == SRanipal_Eye_Framework.FrameworkStatus.NOT_SUPPORT) { isLeftEyeActive = true; isRightEyeAcitve = true; } if (isLeftEyeActive || isRightEyeAcitve) { SRanipal_Eye.GetEyeWeightings(out EyeWeightings); UpdateEyeShapes(EyeWeightings); } else { /* for (int i = 0; i < (int)EyeShape.Max; ++i) { bool isBlink = ((EyeShape)i == EyeShape.Eye_Left_Blink || (EyeShape)i == EyeShape.Eye_Right_Blink); EyeWeightings[(EyeShape)i] = isBlink ? 1 : 0; } */ //UpdateEyeShapes(EyeWeightings); //UpdateEyeShapesManalOverride(EyeWeightings); //Debug.Log ("UpdateGazeRayIndexed"); //UpdateGazeRayIndexed (directionOverrideLeft, EyeIndex.LEFT); //UpdateGazeRayIndexed (directionOverrideRight, EyeIndex.RIGHT); //return; } isLeftEyeActive = eyeData.verbose_data.left.eye_openness > 0.1f; isRightEyeAcitve = eyeData.verbose_data.right.eye_openness > 0.1f; if (UI_Panel_Tracking.Instance.seperateEyeTrackingToggle.isOn) { //Get the rays for each eye seperately Ray gazeRay = new Ray (); foreach (int eyeIndex in Enum.GetValues(typeof(EyeIndex))) { SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay ((GazeIndex)eyeIndex, out gazeRay);//, out GazeDirectionLocal); Vector3 direction = Vector3.Scale (gazeRay.direction, eyeWashV3); /*switch ((GazeIndex)eyeIndex) { case GazeIndex.LEFT: direction.x += divergence; direction.y += kappaAngle; break; case GazeIndex.RIGHT: direction.x -= divergence; direction.y += kappaAngle; break; }*/ ApplyEyeDirection (eyeIndex, direction, isLeftEyeActive, isRightEyeAcitve); } } else { Vector3 GazeOriginCombinedLocal, GazeDirectionCombinedLocal = Vector3.zero; if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay (GazeIndex.COMBINE, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay (GazeIndex.LEFT, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal)) { } else if (SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay (GazeIndex.RIGHT, out GazeOriginCombinedLocal, out GazeDirectionCombinedLocal)) { } //Get the rays for each eye seperately foreach (int eyeIndex in Enum.GetValues(typeof(EyeIndex))) { var direction = Vector3.Scale (GazeDirectionCombinedLocal, eyeWashV3); ; ApplyEyeDirection (eyeIndex, direction, isLeftEyeActive, isRightEyeAcitve); } } isLeftEyeActiveLast = isLeftEyeActive; isRightEyeActiveLast = isRightEyeAcitve; } } void ApplyEyeDirection(int eyeIndex, Vector3 direction, bool isLeftEyeActive, bool isRightEyeAcitve) { switch ((GazeIndex)eyeIndex) { case GazeIndex.LEFT: if (isLeftEyeActiveLast != isLeftEyeActive) { if (isLeftEyeActive) { isLeftEyeActiveTime = Time.time + blinkEyeDirectionBlendTime; } } direction.x += divergence; direction.y += kappaAngle; if (Time.time > isLeftEyeActiveTime) { if (isLeftEyeActive) { leftEyeDirectionLast = direction; } } else { var delt = TrackerLinker.Instance.eyeDirectionBlendCurve.Evaluate( 1 - ((isLeftEyeActiveTime - Time.time) / blinkEyeDirectionBlendTime) ); leftEyeDirectionLast = Vector3.Lerp (leftEyeDirectionLast, direction, delt); } UpdateGazeRayIndexed (leftEyeDirectionLast, (EyeIndex)eyeIndex); break; case GazeIndex.RIGHT: if (isRightEyeActiveLast != isRightEyeAcitve) { if (isRightEyeAcitve) { isRightEyeActiveTime = Time.time + blinkEyeDirectionBlendTime; } } direction.x -= divergence; direction.y += kappaAngle; if (Time.time > isRightEyeActiveTime) { if (isRightEyeAcitve) { rightEyeDirectionLast = direction; } } else { var delt = TrackerLinker.Instance.eyeDirectionBlendCurve.Evaluate( 1 - ((isRightEyeActiveTime - Time.time) / blinkEyeDirectionBlendTime )); rightEyeDirectionLast = Vector3.Lerp (rightEyeDirectionLast, direction, delt); } UpdateGazeRayIndexed (rightEyeDirectionLast, (EyeIndex)eyeIndex); break; } } [Range (-1,1)] public float divergence = 0; [Range (-1,1)] public float kappaAngle = 0; public Vector2 eyeWash = new Vector2 (0.5f, 0.2f); public Vector3 eyeWashV3; public void UpdateGazeRayIndexed(Vector3 gazeDirectionLocal, EyeIndex eyesModelsIndex) { int i = (int)eyesModelsIndex; Vector3 target = EyeAnchors[i].transform.TransformPoint(gazeDirectionLocal); //Debug.DrawLine ( EyeAnchors[i].transform.position, target, Color.magenta); EyesModels [i].LookAt(target, m_armature.eyesForward.up); switch (eyesModelsIndex) { case EyeIndex.LEFT: m_armature.eyeL.localRotation *= m_armature.eyeL_InitialRotation;// m_armature.eyeL_InitialRotation; break; case EyeIndex.RIGHT: m_armature.eyeR.localRotation *= m_armature.eyeR_InitialRotation;// m_armature.eyeR_InitialRotation; break; } } private void OnDestroy() { DestroyEyeAnchors(); } public void SetEyesModels(Transform leftEye, Transform rightEye) { if (leftEye != null && rightEye != null) { EyesModels = new Transform[NUM_OF_EYES] { leftEye, rightEye }; DestroyEyeAnchors(); CreateEyeAnchors(); } } public void SetEyeShapeTables(List<EyeShapeTable> eyeShapeTables) { bool valid = true; if (eyeShapeTables == null) { valid = false; } else { for (int table = 0; table < eyeShapeTables.Count; ++table) { if (eyeShapeTables[table].skinnedMeshRenderer == null) { valid = false; break; } for (int shape = 0; shape < eyeShapeTables[table].eyeShapes.Length; ++shape) { EyeShape eyeShape = eyeShapeTables[table].eyeShapes[shape]; if (eyeShape > EyeShape.Max || eyeShape < 0) { valid = false; break; } } } } if (valid) EyeShapeTables = eyeShapeTables; } public void SetEyeShapeAnimationCurves(AnimationCurve[] eyebrowAnimationCurves) { if (eyebrowAnimationCurves.Length == (int)EyeShape.Max) EyebrowAnimationCurves = eyebrowAnimationCurves; } [SerializeField] Vector3 gazeDirectionCombinedLocalManualOverride = Vector3.forward; public void UpdateGazeRayManualOverride(Vector3 gazeDirectionCombinedLocal) { //Debug.Log ("UpdateGazeRay"); for (int i = 0; i < EyesModels.Length; ++i) { Vector3 target = EyeAnchors[i].transform.TransformPoint(gazeDirectionCombinedLocalManualOverride); //Debug.DrawLine (EyeAnchors[i].transform.position, target, Color.cyan); EyesModels[i].LookAt(target, transform.up); EyesModels[i].Rotate(Vector3.right * -90); } } public void UpdateGazeRay(Vector3 gazeDirectionCombinedLocal) { for (int i = 0; i < EyesModels.Length; ++i) { Vector3 target = EyeAnchors[i].transform.TransformPoint(gazeDirectionCombinedLocal); //Debug.DrawLine (EyeAnchors[i].transform.position, target, Color.magenta); EyesModels[i].LookAt(target); EyesModels[i].Rotate(Vector3.right * 90); } } [SerializeField][Range(0,1)] float blinkWeightLeftManalOverride = 0; [SerializeField][Range(0,1)] float blinkWeightRightManalOverride = 0; [SerializeField][Range(0,1)] float browWeightManalOverride = 0; public void UpdateEyeShapesManalOverride(Dictionary<EyeShape, float> eyeWeightings) { eyeWeightings [EyeShape.Eye_Left_Blink] = blinkWeightLeftManalOverride; eyeWeightings [EyeShape.Eye_Right_Blink] = blinkWeightRightManalOverride; foreach (var table in EyeShapeTables) { for (int i = 0; i < table.eyeShapes.Length; ++i) { EyeShape eyeShape = table.eyeShapes[i]; if (eyeShape == EyeShape.Eye_Left_Blink) { eyeWeightings[eyeShape] = blinkWeightLeftManalOverride; } else if (eyeShape == EyeShape.Eye_Right_Blink) { eyeWeightings[eyeShape] = blinkWeightRightManalOverride; } else { eyeWeightings[eyeShape] = browWeightManalOverride; } } RenderModelEyeShape (table, eyeWeightings); } m_armature.audioFaceRigFFT.UpdateEyelidsLeft (eyeWeightings[EyeShape.Eye_Left_Blink]); m_armature.audioFaceRigFFT.UpdateEyelidsRight (eyeWeightings[EyeShape.Eye_Right_Blink]); } public void UpdateEyeShapes(Dictionary<EyeShape, float> eyeWeightings) { foreach (var table in EyeShapeTables) { RenderModelEyeShape (table, eyeWeightings); } //Update eye lid bones (makehuman rigs use bones for eyelids) m_armature.audioFaceRigFFT.UpdateEyelidsLeft (eyeWeightings[EyeShape.Eye_Left_Blink]); m_armature.audioFaceRigFFT.UpdateEyelidsRight (eyeWeightings[EyeShape.Eye_Right_Blink]); } private void RenderModelEyeShape(EyeShapeTable eyeShapeTable, Dictionary<EyeShape, float> weighting) { for (int i = 0; i < eyeShapeTable.eyeShapes.Length; ++i) { EyeShape eyeShape = eyeShapeTable.eyeShapes[i]; //if (eyeShape > EyeShape.Max || eyeShape < 0) continue; if (eyeShape == EyeShape.Eye_Left_Blink || eyeShape == EyeShape.Eye_Right_Blink) { eyeShapeTable.skinnedMeshRenderer.SetBlendShapeWeight(i, weighting[eyeShape] * 100f); } //else //{ // AnimationCurve curve = EyebrowAnimationCurves[(int)eyeShape]; // // eyeShapeTable.skinnedMeshRenderer.SetBlendShapeWeight(i, curve.Evaluate(weighting[eyeShape]) * 100f); //Crashed here //} } //Debug.Log("EYE WEIGHT " + weighting[EyeShape.Eye_Left_Blink]); //m_armature.audioFaceRigFFT.UpdateEyelidsLeft (weighting[EyeShape.Eye_Left_Blink]); //m_armature.audioFaceRigFFT.UpdateEyelidsRight (weighting[EyeShape.Eye_Right_Blink]); } private void CreateEyeAnchors() { EyeAnchors = new GameObject[NUM_OF_EYES]; for (int i = 0; i < NUM_OF_EYES; ++i) { EyeAnchors[i] = new GameObject(); EyeAnchors[i].name = "EyeAnchor_" + i; EyeAnchors [i].transform.SetParent (gameObject.transform); EyeAnchors[i].transform.localPosition = transform.InverseTransformPoint(EyesModels[i].position); //EyeAnchors[i].transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Inverse(transform.rotation) * EyesModels[i].rotation; EyeAnchors[i].transform.forward = Vector3.forward; //EyeAnchors[i].transform.rotation = EyesModels[i].rotation; EyeAnchors[i].transform.localScale = EyesModels[i].localScale; } } private void DestroyEyeAnchors() { if (EyeAnchors != null) { foreach (var obj in EyeAnchors) if (obj != null) Destroy(obj); } } } } } } SRanipal_AvatarEyeSample2.cs
  10. Worked like a charm. Also I can definitely see a difference and v1.1.2.0 is not working as well as v1.1.0.1. So appearently there is a bug. What has changed to make the latest version so bad? Will this issue ever be fixed??????? Or will I be forced to keep the old version installed from now on? Not sure what direction HTC is trying to take here with all those new (breaking) changes, I hope they fix this because I paid good money for this HMD, and to see "updates" making it malfunction is very annoying (and time consuming). @Daniel_Y @Corvus
  11. Also I have tried several times to uninstall/reinstall v1.1.2.0 on my Win10 i9-9900K (dual 2080TI) PC. I also reboot and tried it again and again. But no matter what I do the new v1.1.2.0 looks absolutely horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But v1.1.0.1 looks awesome and works perfectly on all of my PCs. Could you please re-evaluate your latest release to find the bug that causes the eyelids to get stuck partially open? I will continue to use v1.1.0.1 myself but what the heck do I tell my users??? That they should download https://hub.vive.com/en-US/download/VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_1.1.0.1.msi and uninstall v1.1.2.0, then never update?? That's kind of a lame workaround IMHO. This new bug makes my software look awful and I am very embarrassed to show it. Can you please fix this soon??????????????????????? @Daniel_Y @Corvus
  12. BUG CONFIRMED!!!! I just down-graded to and the eyelids work WAY BETTER (like they used to): So this proves that the new update to is totally broken. Can you please fix it.?
  13. I think I have found the answer, when i look at the download URL I figured I would try changing it to the previous version From: https://hub.vive.com/en-US/download/VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_1.1.2.0.msi To: https://hub.vive.com/en-US/download/VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_1.1.0.1.msi And now it's downloading.
  14. I just updated to but I think it got worse for some reason. How do I downgrade to the previous version?
  15. I just accepted the update to and now suddenly the eyelids for all of my characters get stuck partially open: What has changed to make the eyes get stuck now? How can I change it back? Thank you.
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