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  1. No, I´ve stopped working with SRWorks. My goal was to replace the camera, but use parts of the SRWorks plugin just with the videostream of the other camera. It did not work out well, because the plugin is really confusing and complicated.... Recently I bought a Zed Mini from Stereolabs, which has its own working SDK and UE plugin, attached it to the HMD and it works just fine ;)
  2. Yeah, that´s one of the typical errors in AR, called dynamic registration error. I don´t know if there is a way to synchronize image rendering with hmd pose updates.... But do you also have static errors? Like when the virtual object has a wrong position in general? Becaus this is what I get, marking the middle of my room both in the virtual and real world and comparing them: seems to me like a few cm of pose error...
  3. what happens if (in SteamVR) you go to Settings -> Camera -> test camera frequency? Is there a camera feed there or not?
  4. Hmm, no, I use the 21/6/18 hotfix and also can´t adjust the slider. It is always at 60 Hz. Here they said they know the problem and trying to fix it. But I don´t think the framerate will go higher than 60 Hz, because you would need a better camera (and probably more than USB 3.0) to do this. ;)
  5. I would recommend using USB 3.0 if it´s possible - if your port is making issues, try another one or if you dont have any, buy a pci card for it (they aren´t very expensive). Trying to change the frequency never really worked on my pc though. And take a look at your SteamVR: Are you using the Hotfix version of steam VR? (Go to Steam -> Rightclick on SteamVR -> Settings -> Betas)
  6. Or maybe it´s the chaperone overlay, if you are not inside the VR space you setup in SteamVR ;) Thats the third option in the SteamVR camera settings. I have unchecked it since in an AR Application you dont need an overlay of the outer world:
  7. To my understanding right now, undistortMap is a huge array, where the 5th and 6th "channel" is the LookUpTable for mapping X and Y values. (like here, chapter: Undistortion, 2. using remapping). I mean, from indexing alone, this can never be a camera matrix, if it´s size is at least maxIndex = w * h * 4 + 3 But if it is - why isn´t it just the LUT for mapping? What is the data in the other channels? An why would it be so complecated to use it (I mean, in this form you can´t even use opencv remap function directly)....
  8. No, I want to undestand the code... Because this is the current documentation of the api: so you just get a huge array of whatever?...
  9. AH thanks you are right - the realsense camera is opened even if I dont use any asset of the plugin. I´m still a bit confused why opening the Realsense camera changes settings of the vive pro camera though...
  10. Hey guys from SRWorks, can you please tell me what kind of distortion model you used? I just don´t get it from the code... In your UE plugin you use this to get some kind of undistortion map from the API itself: ViveSR_GetParameterFloatArray(FSRWorksModule::Get().MODULE_ID_SEETHROUGH, ViveSR::SeeThrough::Param::UNDISTORTION_MAP_L, &UndistortionMap_L);ViveSR_GetParameterFloatArray(FSRWorksModule::Get().MODULE_ID_SEETHROUGH, ViveSR::SeeThrough::Param::UNDISTORTION_MAP_R, &UndistortionMap_R); and later use that map for undistorting the image: float undistortedX = undistortionMap[(int)eye][idx * 4 + 2] - undistortedCx[(int)eye];float undistortedY = undistortionMap[(int)eye][idx * 4 + 3] - undistortedCy[(int)eye]; But what is the content of the map? It does not look like the OpenCV camera calibration model, so I just dont get it =/
  11. Is it completly black, or is it just too dark like here: http://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-SRWorks-SDK/Vive-Pro-Camera-feed-too-dark-in-Unreal-Project/gpm-p/22255#M350 (you can test by looking at a monitor with a white window open, if it is the same problem I had, you should at least see the window)
  12. As you can see from The CUDA Website the (old) Titan only supports CUDA 3.5, while more recent cards have CUDA 5.2 or higher. So maybe that was the problem ;)
  13. Ok it looks like the SRWorks Plugin has some kind of interference with another plugin I wrote myself. But I wonder how this can happen! In my Plugin (see github) I do nothing else than importing the LibRealsense. So I never access anything from SRWorks, not even something from OpenCv etc. Plus - I don´t have anything from my Realsense Plugin within my Level!!! Just having both Plugins enabled in the Project settings is enough to cause this error.... Developers of SRWorks - how can this be??? =/
  14. What is your Setup exactly? Can you provide some screenshots, eg. from the world outlier?
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