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  1. Thank you very much for reaching out to me and providing support. I understand that the Oculus/Touch hardware seems to jump into standby much sooner than the actual Vive hardware through SteamVR. Because it loses connection something happens and it doesn't reconnect properly) I can just assume these are simple compatibility issues with the different hardware. Hopefully I will be borrowing a VIve for a couple of days so that I can see if things work properly.)) Thanks again)
  2. I really like that you are working on this issue!) I have been trying out different methods for movement in my game for the last two months and have still not settled on something that I am happy with. I like how your idea allows users to walk the whole distance " have already tried this using Unity and have created a working model which play testers have found to be very agreeable and as stated above" do you have any video links? Basically I have an area about 30' x 30' that I would like people to comfortably walk around without having to teleport. This might be a nice solution!
  3. Do you know how long it takes the headset to go into standby mode? I've noticed when I put my controllers and headset down and walk away, sometimes after a few minutes it will be deactivated in SteamVR. Usually mess's up my tracking and I restart steamvr.
  4. This is something HUGE!) I've never heard of it before this post but WOW how exciting! When I would buy games as a kid I would slowly read through each instruction booklet looking for any extra art. Being able to design a Vive Home area inspired by the art of the game and potential interacting with in-game objects before launching the actual game is a GAME CHANGER!)
  5. This is a good thing!) I really like that I can host a game in multiple spaces without the need for exclusive contracts. Thanks again!)
  6. Is there a basic checklist of requirements needed for approval? FishBowlVR has been big on doing this type of a thing. It would be a nice things to have for developers.)
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