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  1. I have new problem. In Launch options on 4.18 everything works fine But things are not the same on 4.20.. in Device Manager, Vive_Focus is found, but I cannot launch anything, even the original plugin project
  2. The difference now is that WaveVR and WaveVRInput doesnt need to be builded manually, I still cannot start the example project, even with your plugin, but I think it will work on other projects.. I managed to start new project with enabled plugin. Now i have something to test ! Thank you, !
  3. The difference with your plugin is that now it doesnt want from me to build WaveVR and WaveVRInput, but it still want me to build manually the project file.. so it still doesnt work..
  4. someone was asking why I have WaveVRInput for second image error - WaveVR and WaveVRInput are from \plugin\Plugins\WaveVR\Source
  5. I had the same problem at the beggining when I tried to use completed PC project, converted to Mobile. Just start with new project and use proper project settings. Maybe it could help you.
  6. Yeah, I am checking everyday for an update/patch too. I would really appreciate it :))
  7. WVR is in ThirdParty folder, WaveVR and WaveVRInput are in Plugins\WaveVR\Source folder. I tried to download it again but nothing changes..
  8. Thanks for the link, dowloaded just fine here. I've got another question. I cannot launch the new SDK of the plugin no matter the engine version - 4.19 or 4.20. Unfortunatelly I can't even open the "plugin.uproject" file, it gives me the error message attached below - "The following modules are missing..." Does anybody else have the same issue and/or solution fo it? TIA
  9. Hello. I have a problem with vive focus. after trying to force stop wavevr server. headset keeps rebooting itself. I can see only the vive login screen. Maybe I need to do factory reset ? Or to start wave vr server again? I tried --wipe_data from adb but nothing happens. Any suggestions? P.S. Everything is fine now. We just reinstalled server.apk again with adb install -r [path to the wavevr server.apk] -r saved our lives !
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